You Must be Prepared for the American Riots

Hurricanes are devastating, mindless forces of nature that destroy all that’s in their path. You may not think of it the same way but riots are also a force of nature. Once a riot begins the leadership dissolves. A strange, intoxicating rage takes over those involved and these rioters begin to do the unspeakable.

The End of Peaceful Protests

The old saying, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,’ holds true in these riot situations as well. I want you to understand that the era of peaceful protests in our nation is over. In fact, its arguable that a peaceful protest is the abnormality. The police are outnumbered and with two sides clashing at all of these protests makes it a job that is overwhelming.

Bottom line: There is no one to protect you in these riots. You must know how to react and remove yourself quickly.

When you hear protest, think riot. This little change in your mindset will help you avoid riots in a big way. When you hear about protests at a location on your work route or some area you frequent, treat them like riots. Counter protestors will show up and things will get ugly. This is the practice of awareness.

Local News

The best place to start preparing for riots is through a network of local news and local intelligence. Though national news may make you gag, you cannot forgo the local news. These sources will tell you about various events in your community. They will call them protests or gatherings but you will know the potential. Stay away from these areas.

Watch the news and listen to the police scanners to assure you stay one step ahead of the violence. Don’t leave something like this to chance. Wading into a riot could turn out to be the worst decision you have ever made. If ignorance puts you in the path of opposing rioters you could be putting yourself and your family at an incredible risk.

The Preps and Tools of a Riot Survivor

Despite paying attention to local news and even police scanners, we spend most of our time away from home. We also must get home each night. There is no assurance that our path will be clear. What would you do if you found your routes home were blocked? What if bridges and tunnels were blocked by protests and riots?

What if your workplace is assaulted in one of these riots? Could you get home without your car?

To assure you have the ability to get home you must have the right EDC and the right Get Home Bag in your car.

EDC (Every Day Carry)

These are the items that you carry on your person each day. A simple yet effective example of and EDC would be the following:

  • Keys
  • Wallet
  • Phone
  • Powerful Flashlight
  • Pocket Knife
  • Multitool
  • Small USB Powerbank
  • Concealed Carry Weapon
  • Pen
  • Notepad

The purpose of your EDC is to assure you can get to your vehicle. Inside your vehicle you will have your Get Home Bag.

Get Home Bag

This bag should contain everything you will need to get home under even the worst circumstances. It should also have shelter options in case you need to stay where you are for the night.

  • Ready to Eat Foods
  • Water
  • Water Filter
  • Purification Method (tablets, iodine, bleach)
  • Communications
  • Larger Powerbank
  • Walking Shoes
  • Map
  • Bug Spray
  • Firestarter
  • Rain Gear
  • Small Shelter
  • Cash
  • Comfortable Walking Clothes

Escaping a Riot

Despite your best preparations you could find yourself inside of the hostile environment of a riot. Remember, these are not civil situations. Though a riot is made up of people, its actions are very hive like. You have heard the term mob mentality and you probably know the consequences. People do things in mobs that they would never do elsewhere. Don’t be fooled, in a mob your life is at risk.

The attitude of the mob can change quickly. You could be chanting along with them one minute and become the enemy of the mob the next. Worst of all, there is no one who can come in and get you out. Once you are swallowed up by this blob of lunacy you are pretty much left to the will of the mob.

We are going to discuss three distinct situations and how to remove yourself from them. These situations will put you in contact with the riot and threats that go along with it.

At a Festival

Though you may try to avoid protests, riots can break out anywhere there is a swelling population of humans. With the advent of things like flash mobs it doesn’t take much for things to get out of hand. You must be prepared to see the riot and escape the riot quickly and quietly.

At your average street festival, the crowds will swell by midday and there will be large swaths of humanity walking together.

  • Never be at the heart of the group
  • Stay on the fringes of any crowd
  • Do not draw attention
  • Look for a side street and remove yourself and your family from the situation

In a Car

Maybe one of the worst scenarios is turning down a busy one-way street to find mob at the end of the street. Obviously, you will turn off the first street you can. If you cannot turn off you may have to confront the mob head on. Your vehicle can quickly become your coffin if you are not very careful about how you proceed.
After the car attack in Charlottesville and the increase in attacks by Radical Islam in Europe, people will be on edge.

  • Blow your horn
  • Roll up your windows
  • Maintain a reasonable pace
  • Never stop your car completely
  • Turn off the first side street you can find
  • If someone tries to get into your car slowly increase your speed

At a Restaurant

Despite your best efforts a riot could come find you. A quiet night downtown could turn into a life-threatening situation. I think about occupy Wall Street and how they destroyed restaurants and cars on their rampages. You could find yourself trapped in a building with a growing riot outside. In this scenario, your actions are very limited and you must act quickly.

  • Find a backdoor, window or alternate exit
  • Be prepared to defend yourself
  • Once you get outside move away from the riot even if that means away from your car
  • Do not wait around for it to blow over
  • Riots bring fire so get out quickly

In the above-mentioned situations, it all comes down to awareness. Keep your eyes on the world around you. Put the phone away and enjoy your life. Look at people, wave at people and pay attention to what’s going on all around you. It will be the precious moments you have to react that decide your fate.

These riots are not going away anytime soon. Be ready, always.

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