Yaesu FT-7900R Ham Radio Review

For those in search of a ham radio which puts an emphasis on simplicity, the Yaesu FT-7900R may be an option worth considering. Yaesu designed the FT-7900R with the goal of creating a device which would unite easy operation with excellent reception. If you are looking for FM satellite, repeater or simplex operation on the 144 MHz and 430 MHz bands, but do not need a radio capable of cross-band repeat, the FT-7900R may be ideal for your needs.

What if you do need the cross-band repeat function? At that point, you should think about either the FT-8800R or FT-8900R, both of which are also manufactured by Yaesu and which feature similar capabilities along with the cross-band repeat.

What else can you expect from the FT-7900R? This radio provides you with plenty of power as well as wide receiver frequency coverage. There are more than 1,000 memory channels. Ease-of-use is emphasized through a large display and one-touch operation panels. With no shortage of excellent features, it is easy to recommend the FT-7900R to users with a variety of goals.


  • Covers a wide range of frequencies. You can receive 108 to 520 MHz and 700 to 999.99 MHz on this ham radio. That allows you to listen in on quite a lot.
  • Flexible power options. If you have been searching for a ham radio which packs a lot of power, you have found it. Operating at a maximum of 50 watts, this radio provides excellent reception. If you want to save power, there are three lower settings you can use.
  • Helpful manual. Ham radios are notorious for coming with complicated and confusing owner manuals. The manual which comes with this one is actually pretty helpful, making setup and programming easier.
  • 1,000 memory channels. There are 20 memory groups available to use, so it is easy to stay organized. You also have the option of storing a memory channel in more than one of those groups.
  • One-touch operation. Five front panel keys are built into the radio. With these keys, you can call up stored frequencies with one touch.
  • NOAA alerts. The US version of the FT-7900R includes NOAA weather alerts. If you want, you can even program the radio to sound an audible alarm tone when there is inclement weather. Ten different NOAA frequencies are included in all.
  • WiRES™ Internet Linking Capability. This radio includes the WIRES™ system, which stands for “Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System.”
  • Augment your purchase with a remote mounting kit. If you want, you can buy the YSK-7800 remote mounting kit as an add-on to your purchase. This comes with a bracket as well as cabling. That way you can use this radio in your vehicle, not just as a base station.


  • There could be some minor improvements. It is honestly hard to find much to complain about with this radio. A couple ideas would be the addition of rubber feed and relocating the mic cord to a more convenient location.
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