Whistler TRX 2 Police Scanner Review

Whistler TRX-2If you are interested in the Whistler TRX 1, but are looking for the next step up, you might try the Whistler TRX 2. Like the TRX 1, this police scanner is adaptable and able to monitor a wide assortment of unencrypted channels. These channels include NXDN, Hytera XPT, MotoTRBO™, MotoTRBO™ Connect Plus, Capacity Plus, Conventional DMR, and MotoTRBO™ Linked Cap Plus systems.

As with the TRX 1, the Whistler TRX 2 is not all that intuitive in the programming department. If you are an advanced user of police scanners, you may not find it that challenging. If however you are new to police scanners or an intermediate user, you may find it quite daunting. You should take your level of expertise into mind when you’re deciding whether or not to purchase this police scanner.

If you do decide to buy it, you should be pleased with its wide compatibility as well as its excellent features and overall quality. Just be prepared in advance for the rather steep learning curve and you should be good to go.


  • Great compatibility. You should find that you are able to listen to most unencrypted channels with ease using this scanner thanks to its adaptive compatibility features.
  • Alarm-clock feature. If you want your scanner to turn on and begin scanning automatically each day at a certain time, you can program it to do so using this special feature.
  • Set up audio alarms. Thanks to the inclusion of Scannable Objects, you have the option of programming audio alarms to play one specific objects are active.
  • Micro SD card included. This card has 32 GB of space, and can be used to store millions of objects. The card comes equipped with the full database for Canada and the USA.
  • High-quality audio. The audio comes in crisp and clear on this scanner. You can turn the volume up quite a bit, so you should be able to hear clearly even in a noisy environment.
  • Nice keypad and display. While the display is a little small, it is still pretty clear and easy to read. The simplified keypad and controls make it easy to use the scanner on a day-to-day basis.
  • Plenty of other features. Some of the other exciting features of the scanner and include the option to record audio to the Micro SD card, a built-in Discriminator Output feature, predefined service search ranges, alerts for weather events, Scan Sets, and instant access to storm spotter network frequencies.


  • The programming is difficult. Supposedly, this scanner features “simple zip code programming.” In reality, you will need to do some custom programming if you want the scanner to be set up to your liking. This will take time and effort, as it is not particularly intuitive. So this is something you need to be ready for before you make your purchase. If you are patient with it, you should be happy with the results.
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