Vonage Review

As the voice over internet protocol (VoIP) industry continues to evolve, potential users are gaining access to a wider variety of companies to choose from. The VoIP service that makes the most sense for a specific business will depend on a wide variety of possible factors. While some businesses are concerned about finding the best deal for their dollar that they possibly can, others are much more interested in finding a VoIP provider that has an extensive range of services to choose from. This article will briefly review one of the most well-established providers in the VoIP industry—Vonage—and also discuss whether or not their services will make sense for you.

Company History

One of the reasons that Vonage is among the most recognizable names in the VoIP industry is that the company has consistently run effective series of ad campaigns since its initial creation in 2001. Vonage had evolved from a company known as Min-X.com that was originally created in 1998. Following a successful round of fundraising, the company was eager to open its doors in Holmdel, New Jersey and establish itself in the rapidly evolving telecommunications industry.

Following a disappointing IPO in the mid-2000s, the management team at Vonage decided to make a wide variety of changes. The company reorganized its corporate structure and also sought over $200 million in order to ensure it could remain a competitive option in the industry. Fortunately, many of these changes seem to have objectively paid off—in the summer of 2010, Vonage saw its stock price increase by over 17% in a single day.

In the most recent years (since 2013), Vonage has acquired numerous other companies including Vocalocity, Telesphere, iCore Netwroks, SimpleSignal, and multiple others. Though these companies were not always direct competitors, they were all relevant contributors to the telecommunications industry that could experience a degree of synergy if they could be combine in an efficient way. Because Vonage has had such an extensive history (for the VoIP industry at least), the combination of its brand name with these industry innovators helped the company gain a competitive edge.

Currently, Vonage offers various telecommunication systems for both business and residential users. The company’s most recent innovations have resulted in improved implementations of the cloud, an increase in the number of service packages to choose from, and advanced tools to help businesses better manage their relationships with their customers.

Service Objectives

Vonage’s general service objective is to provide high-quality VoIP and other telecommunications services to the widest range of businesses possible. The company is well aware of the fact that the service package that is best for one business will not necessarily be the one that is best for another. Because of this, their website allows you to distinctively sort by business size, by industry, and by business need.

Currently, the company has been witnessing more than 3,000 companies make the switch to their services each month, and this figure is one that is expected to grow. In their opinion, there are multiple different benefits of switching to Vonage that you will not be able to find elsewhere.

Specifically, the company mentions their continued commitment to improving cloud-based service, their willingness to invest $600 million in new technology, their exceptional network quality, and their powerful partnerships as features that set them apart from the rest. Though the company obviously has a biased opinion regarding its own products, they were recognized by TMCnet for providing Internet Telephony Product of the Year (2017 & 2018).

Available Packages

Because of their commitment to providing value for every business with telecommunication needs, Vonage naturally has a very wide range of possible packages to choose from. The primary differences between these packages are their monthly costs, their highlighted features, and the specific types of businesses that they are intended to serve. Fortunately, each of the packages mentioned below are willing to give you a free 14-day trial—once the trial is completed you will have the option to upgrade, downgrade, or abandon the VoIP services altogether.

  • The Mobile Package is the most basic plan available and costs up to $19.99 per month per user. This package is ideal for businesses that do not use desk phones, but instead communicate remotely via mobile devices or desktops. In addition to the apps, this package will also offer users unlimited calling and SMS messages.
  • The Premium Package is the most popular package and costs up to $29.99 per month per user. Unlike the mobile package, the premium package also includes the use of desk phones as well as advanced video conferencing, CRM integrations, and a multi-level auto attendant. This package is ideal for companies operating in a more traditional office setting.
  • The Advanced Package is designed for businesses operating on a larger scale and costs up to $39.99 per month per user. In addition to the features found in the other available packages, this package also offers visual voicemail, call recording on-demand, and what is referred to by the company as “orange-glove setup.”

Choosing a VoIP System

The prices given in the packages listed above are assuming that your company will be using between 1 and 4 lines per month. If you are willing to increase the size of your operation (up to 99 lines), then the cost per unit will decrease by up to $5 per line.
There are several things that should be taken into consideration when choosing a VoIP system for your business. If your business operates on a small scale and relies on your mobile devices as your primary form of communication, then the mobile package will naturally make the most sense. If your business has a much wider set of needs, then the powerful features you will find in the advanced package may be able to help justify the increased costs.


Overall, Vonage can be considered to be a reliable VoIP provider that is willing to continually reinvest in its own operations. The company has worked diligently over the past decade to improve its services, and these efforts have undoubtedly paid off. Though you may possibly be able to find more affordable VoIP providers elsewhere, Vonage is still a very reasonable option that is certainly worth considering.

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