Uniden MHS75 Marine VHF Radio Review

Customers who are shopping for a two-way marine radio with an array of powerful capabilities at a reasonable price will want to check into the Uniden MHS75. This radio is manufactured by a top brand, and has a surprising number of bells and whistles.

Uniden had emergencies in mind when they crafted the MHS75. The radio is fully waterproof, and can even be submersed and continue to function. It is possible to monitor two Coast Guard frequencies simultaneously. This means that you can keep up with weather updates while also staying on top of marine events simultaneously. All USA, Canadian, and International marine channels are covered, allowing you to stay connected wherever you go.

The Uniden MHS75 also features a rugged build, which means that you can take it with you to a variety of settings without worrying too much about wear and tear. What if something does happen to your radio? Uniden stands behind its products; your purchase is backed by a three-year warranty. A lot of competing brands only offer a one-year warranty, so this is fantastic.


  • NOAA weather channels. With your Uniden MHS75 two-way marine radio, you can follow weather alerts on all of the NOAA channels. If inclement weather is on the way, the advance warning can help you to stay safe. You can even set up the radio to produce an “alert” noise.
  • Quad watch operation. This is the feature which makes it possible to monitor two Coast Guard channels simultaneously. While doing that, you can also monitor a weather channel and another marine channel.
  • JIS8/IPX8 rating. This is a fantastic rating. It means that your radio can stand up to sprays of water with no problem, and can even be submersed in up to five feet of water for as long as half an hour. On top of that, it floats, so you can grab it in an emergency if you drop it.
  • Memory channel scan. With this feature, the radio automatically scans through the channels which you program in. Whenever it finds an active one, it pauses on it for the duration of the transmission, then continues on.
  • Choose your power level. If you want to conserve battery life, you can operate on as little as one watt. If you need to give your signal a boost, you can raise the power to 5 watts.
  • Lights up for night time operation. Both the LCD display and the keypad are backlit, so you can operate the radio in the dark with ease.
  • Long battery life. You can get as much as 12 hours of battery life on a single charge.


  • Low-quality clip. This radio comes with a rather weak clip. For that reason, it is a better choice if you plan to just set it down somewhere rather than carry it around.
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