Uniden HomePatrol 2 Police Scanner Review

Uniden HomePatrol 2One of the biggest complaints that a lot of consumers have about police scanners is how difficult they can be to set up and program. Even a lot of scanners which purport to be “easy” to set up are frequently quite challenging for all but the most advanced users.

The Uniden HomePatrol 2 is promoted by the manufacturer as a “simple program scanner.” Unlike a lot of the other police scanners which make this claim, however, it actually fulfills it. It really is very simple to set up, program, and use. This makes it well worth the cost, regardless of whether you are a novice user looking for a powerful but simple first police scanner, or you are an advanced user who just wants something intuitive.

While the ease of use is probably the biggest standout feature for the Uniden HomePatrol 2, it has quite a few other fantastic features as well. TrunkTracker V, S.A.M.E. weather alerts, and coverage of frequencies in both the USA and Canada combine to make it an excellent purchase regardless of your experience level.


  • Super easy to set up and program. Even if you are a beginning police scanner user, you should find it fairly simple to get set up with this scanner. Few other police scanners on the market are truly this easy to program. This alone is a great reason to choose it over other similarly-priced or less expensive models.
  • TrunkTracker V. A lot of systems have gone over to digital trunking nowadays, so it is important to have this feature so you can listen in. Scanners which are not equipped with it are a lot more limited in terms of what they are able to pick up.
  • S.A.M.E. weather alerts. The weather alert system included with the Uniden HomePatrol 2 delivers geographically relevant alerts about inclement conditions coming your way.
  • Record and replay. If you want to record what you are listening to, you can do so using this feature. A Micro SD card is included with your purchase so that you can store your recordings.
  • Use at home or in your vehicle. A vehicle mount allows you to use this scanner while you are driving, but you can also set it up as a base station in your home or workplace.
  • Other great features. The Uniden HomePatrol 2 comes with quite a few other exciting features as well. Along with those mentioned above, it features touch screen operation, software for updates, and a headset jack. You also can opt for the “Extreme Upgrade.” This Uniden update adds complete front-panel programmability to your system along with a system status monitor and trunked system analysis tools.


  • There may be reception issues. Sometimes the Uniden HomePatrol 2 experiences reception issues. This flaw does not impact most units, but is present in a few.
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