Uniden BCD436HP Police Scanner Review

For a handheld police scanner which does it all, you may want to look into the Uniden BCD436HP. This scanner is in the higher price range, but this reflects the numerous powerful features which the scanner is equipped with.

Uniden is renowned for its emphasis on ease-of-use for police scanners, and the BCD436HP is no exception. In fact, this makes it a very balanced choice. While it has features which far surpass those found in lower end scanners, it never sacrifices ease-of-use when it comes to setup or operation. Is the learning curve steeper than it would be for a more basic scanner? Sure, but it is still not too abrupt, even for a novice. With a little patience and dedication, it should not be too hard to pick up on the fundamentals.

For this reason, the Uniden BCD436HP is an ideal scanner for anyone who has the budget to afford it and is looking for advanced features and settings. Whether you are a police scanner newbie or you have been using scanners for years, you should be pleased with the BCD436HP’s outstanding functionality.


  • Close Call RF Capture Technology. Don’t want to scan by hand through tens of thousands of frequencies? Who would? With Close Call RF Capture, if there is a transmission detected in your proximity, the Uniden BCD436HP will tune to receive it automatically.
  • Monitor the weather. The BCD436HP includes Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.) weather alerts. These alerts are focused on your geographic region, just as the name indicates, so they are all relevant to you.
  • Large, clear display. You should find that this police scanner is easy to read thanks to a large, backlit LCD display. The keys are also illuminated so that you can operate the scanner in the dark without any hassles.
  • Connect your GPS. You have the option of linking up a GPS with the police scanner. It is best to go with a Uniden GPS model for a couple of reasons. First of all, setting up the GPS to work with the scanner is effortless. Secondly, the two work together so that the scanner is always aware of your location and scanning relevant frequencies.
  • Includes TrunkTracker V. With this feature, you are able to listen in on transmissions on trunked systems.
  • Lots of other awesome features. The BCD436HP includes 4GB of memory, recording functionality, a convenient favourites list, weekly database updates, and much more.


  • Even though the scanner was built with ease-of-use in mind, some users may still find it a bit daunting. If you think you will be overwhelmed by all the features, you might want to consider a more basic alternative such as the Uniden BC75XLT.
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