Uniden BC75XLT Police Scanner Review

For those in the market for a police scanner which is reasonably priced and which would be ideal for beginners, the Uniden BC75XLT is a good choice. This device does not have all the extra features you would find in a more expensive police scanner, but it is a great value.

One of the best things about the BC75XLT is that it is a breeze to program and use. So even if you have no prior experience at all with police scanners, you should not have too hard a time getting up and running with the Uniden BC75XLT.

It is worth mentioning that the antenna which comes with the scanner is okay, but you may find yourself wanting more range. If that is the case, purchasing an aftermarket antenna is a great way to augment the capabilities of the BC75XLT.

It is also helpful to know that the screen is easiest to read if you are looking at it straight on, rather than at an angle. So keep that in mind when you are thinking about where and how you want to use the scanner. It really is designed to be held in your hand, not resting on a table or dashboard.


  • Easy setup and use. If you are shopping for your first police scanner, the Uniden BC75XLT may be exactly what you need to jump in. This unit comes with clear, thorough instructions, and setting it up for first time use is fast and easy. You should find that making use of the features is intuitive as well. Trying to use the scanner in the dark? Just push the button in the lower left, and a backlight will come on for both the buttons and the screen.
  • Lots of channels. This scanner is fully programmable. There are 10 memory banks, each with 30 channels for a total of 300 channels in all. That makes it easy to customize this scanner so you can jump right to your favourite frequencies.
  • Quickly locate service frequencies. Want to immediately start listening to popular frequencies for police, racing, emergency, weather, civil services, and more? The BC75XLT has ten pre-programmed bands which enable a fast search for services which are in your area. This saves time and effort.
  • Close Call RF Capture Technology. There are around 32,000 frequencies in all which you can theoretically monitor using the Uniden BC75XLT. Obviously, trying to scan all of those manually is unrealistic. That is why Uniden included Close Call RF Capture as a feature in the BC75XLT. If there is a transmission in range, this technology allows the scanner to tune right to it. This works even if you have not previously identified the frequency and programmed it.


  • Not the most durable police scanner out there. This device is made of plastic. You probably wouldn’t want to drop it on the floor (though this is to be expected with quite a few police scanners on the market today).
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