Tecsun PL880 Shortwave Radio Review

Tecsun PL880If you are looking for the cutting edge in shortwave radio technology from Tecsun, you will want to check out the Tecsun PL880. This is the latest addition to the Tecsun line of radios, building upon the features and reliability Tecsun is famous for.

In appearance, the PL880 is sleek with a dark grey finish. New features which have been added to this model which were not available with previous models include selectable IF bandwidth, Digital Processing on the HF band, and a brand-new lithium ion battery which provides extended operating and standby time. The Tecsun PL880 also boasts an array of features which were available in past models.

Who should consider this radio? If you are looking for a balance between ease of use and abundant features, the Tecsun PL880 should offer you the ideal combination of what you need. It also scores high marks for its sensitivity and selectivity. The price is quite reasonable as well, so whether you are a novice or advanced user, you should find it is a great deal.


  • Provides extensive coverage. This includes the 64-108 MHz frequencies in the FM band, the 520 -1710 kHz frequencies in the AM band, the 1711-29999 kHz frequencies in the shortwave band, and the 100-519 kHz frequencies in the longwave band.
  • PLL synthesized digital dual conversion receiver. It is this feature which provides the radio with its high degree of selectivity and sensitivity.
  • 24-hour alarm clock included. There is even a sleep timer which you can set anywhere from 0-120 minutes.
  • Comes with everything you need. Along with the shortwave radio itself, you get stereo earphones, an external antenna, a leather pouch, and a lithium ion battery and Australian pinned charger.
  • Sound quality is fantastic. You should find that you can hear sounds clearly at low, mid- and high range, and that there is a good balance between them. Thanks to the headphone jack included, you can even use FM stereo.
  • Great battery life. You can get around 15 days out of a single charge of the powerful battery which comes with this radio. You should find that you can even use backlighting on the display at length without running out of power.
  • Tuning is a breeze. Both the main and fine tuning knobs are easy to use and arranged in a logical fashion. You can use the keypad to punch in the frequency you want. There is a scan button included as well.
  • Lots of other excellent features. The Tecsun PL880 provides you with ample memory, 8 bandwidths, a line-out feature you can use for recording, direct keypad entry, and much, much more.


  • There are some structural weaknesses. The weld lines on the tabs make them prone to breakage. The kickstand also is a bit weak. If you are careful, these issues hopefully will cause you no trouble. Beyond that, it is hard to find much to complain about with the Tecsun PL880.

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