Standard Horizon GX2200 Marine VHF Radio Review

When it comes to finding a high-quality marine radio, it makes sense to turn to a reputable and trusted brand like Standard Horizon. Standard Horizon manufactures a number of models of marine radios, but one of their most popular and highly regarded products is the GX2200 Standard Matrix AIS/GPS VHF radio.

This radio was designed to make it as easy and reliable as possible to get and stay connected while you are out on the water. To achieve this, Standard Horizon equipped the GX2200 with two integrated AIS receivers and one integrated 66 channel GPS receiver.

If you are concerned about the installation process, you will be pleased to know that the Standard Horizon GX2200 is delightfully simple to set up. The product comes with a clear product manual which walks you through the process and makes all of the steps easy to understand and carry out.

So even if you are a relative novice when it comes to marine radios, you should feel fairly confident getting started with this product. While the price is not cheap, it is also not the most expensive, and is a great value for all the features you are getting.


  • Minimal setup work required. Being as the WAAS GPS antenna is built right into the radio, you do not need to wire up a separate GPS to the device. This reduces the amount of technical work involved with setup, making the GX2200 a good choice for both novice and advanced users. DSC is all set.
  • Detailed AIS target information. The Standard Horizon GX2200 displays the following target information: BRG, MMSI, Ship Name, Call Sign, SOG, DST, and COG. You can see exactly where the AIS ships are located relative to you.
  • 30-Watt PA. The high power PA system is extra loud. You are able to use the fog horn at the same time as you are looking at the AIS data.
  • Avoid collisions. If an AIS target is approaching your position, you can set up the radio to give you an alert. You may choose either Time to Closest Point of Approach (TCPA) or Closest Point of Approach (CPA) alerts.
  • Store up to 100 waypoints. With the ability to store up to 100 waypoints, the Standard Horizon GX2200 makes it easy to find your way around and customize your navigation. The radio includes a special compass display which provides you with detailed information on your distance, bearing and more for each of your waypoints.
  • Great customer support. When you buy the Standard Horizon GX2200, you have a three-year warranty on the device. The company will provide you with a free repair or replacement. After that period, Standard Horizon provides backing through the Lifetime Flat Rate Service program as well as the Customer Loyalty program.


  • The AIS screen is kind of small. This is not a huge detractor, however, and may not bother you at all.
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