Standard Horizon GX1700 Marine VHF Radio Review

Standard Horizon GX1700 ReviewCoast Guard emergency rescuers often complain that even though most civilian boats now have VHF and GPS capability, many amateur sailors fail to connect their GPS unit to their VHF radio. As a result, they are less able to provide information when disaster strikes.

To make life at sea easier for everyone, Standard Horizon has come out with the GX1700: a reasonably priced VHS radio with built-in GPS capability.

Like all Standard Horizon products, the GX1700 won’t let you down when foul weather rolls in. The unit ships with a 3 year waterproof guarantee. If water shorts out your GX1700, Standard Horizon will ship you a new one ASAP.
If you run into problems while you’re on the water, just push the distress signal button to send an emergency message to all the boats in your area. Of course, you don’t need to be in trouble to take advantage of this device’s communication features. WIth the GX1700, you can easily request a nearby boat’s position or set up navigational waypoints.


  • Built-in GPS. Just flip a switch to instantly transmit your location and ID.
  • Solid construction. The GX1700 is built to weather the storm when foul weather rolls in.
  • 3 year waterproof guarantee. If rain damages your GX1700, Standard Horizon will send you a new one.
  • Easy to use. Connecting your VHF radio to your GPS unit is sometimes tricky. But with the all-in-one GX1700, you don’t have to connect anything because it’s a multifunction GPS/VHF radio.
  • Distress signal button. A single button press sends out your location info to everyone in the area.
  • Request position info from other boats. Nautical communication has never been easier.
  • Large display. The GX1700’s screen displays more information compared to most marine radios.


  • Unfortunately the mic holder is made out of plastic, not metal.
  • Some people who bought the GX1700 reported that GPS service occasionally drops out for short periods of time.
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