Sena SMH10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Review

In search of a Bluetooth headset and intercom system you can use with your motorcycle helmet? The Sena SMH10-D is a popular system which boasts a long range, noise canceling technology, and other powerful features for a superior riding experience.

Because it has a 900-meter range, the Sena SMH10-D works great if you need to be able to chat with riders who are a significant distance from you.

Ease-of-use is emphasized with regards to every feature so that you can make calls, play music, and do other tasks on the go with minimal effort. That way you can focus on the road and on havi
ng a great time.


  • 900-meter (980 yard) range. This comes out to just over half a mile. A lot of other motorcycle headsets do not offer this kind of range, so this is awesome.
  • Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. With Bluetooth wireless 3.0 connectivity, your headset can link up to a wide range of devices including smartphones, MP3 players, and audio dongles. There are even a few GPS systems which are compatible.
  • Cross-brand compatible. This headset uses the Universal Intercom protocol. That means that if other riders in your group are using different brands of headsets, you should still be able to chat with them.
  • Noise cancellation. The SMH10-D is equipped with Advanced Noise Control. This helps to keep audio clear in both directions.
  • Excellent battery life. You can expect up to 12 hours of talk time before you need to switch out the battery. Standby time can go as long as 10 days.
  • Intuitive, easy operation. One of the highlights of the SMH10-D is its ease-of-use. With Jog Dial and integrated voice prompts, you can learn the ropes quickly. While on the road, you can concentrate on the scenery, your music, and your conversations, instead of how to use the device.
  • Volume profiles. Jog Dial gives you the ability to set customized volume levels for the intercom, phone and music. You can then tie these volume levels to a specific user profile. This allows you to instantly call them up again in the future without having to manually reset each level.
  • Simple installation. Your purchase includes two headsets. Each comes with a clamp unit, USB data cable, 3.5mm stereo audio jack cable, speaker pads, microphone sponges, microphone cap, glued surface mounting adapter, DC vehicle charger, and Allen wrench. A user manual is included as well. The design of the headset is broadly compatible with most helmets. The company sells optional accessories which you can use to modify the system if necessary for specific installations.
  • Two-year warranty. Your purchase of the SMH10-D includes a two-year warranty.


  • The sound can be a bit tinny. This is a somewhat subjective perception however, and most users probably will not notice it or be bothered by it.
  • Intercom functionality only supports up to 4 users. With the nice long range, it seems like support for more users would make sense.
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