RingCentral Review

As your business grows and begins to extend its reach, finding the ideal telecommunications solution for you becomes increasingly important. With the right telecommunications provider, you can run your business more effectively and ultimately increase the overall quality of your operations. With a wide variety of telecommunications and VoIP providers to choose from, taking the time to compare the various options that are currently available is something that is undeniably important. This article will briefly review one of the most frequently referenced VoIP providers—RingCentral—and also discuss whether their services can be effectively implemented into your business.

Company History and Overview

RingCentral was originally founded in the year 1999 and is currently headquartered in Belmont, California. The company now employs roughly 2,500 employees and has considerably expanded its reach across the United States and across the entire world. According to some reports in 2017, RingCentral is believed to have the largest worldwide market share in terms of both revenue and subscriber seats of any UCaaS (unified communications as a service) provider.

The company first received outside investments from various venture capitalists in 2006. As Cisco and Silicon Valley Bank began to commit themselves as central investors, public interest in the company started to grow. This led to the company eventually deciding to go public in 2013. Their initial public offer (IPO) was ultimately worth $7.5 million. Though this figure may be rather small from an investment banker’s perspective, this is largely what enable the company to establish itself as an eventual industry giant.

Over the past few years, RingCentral has sought to revolutionize the telecommunications industry in a wide variety of different ways. As new technology continues to emerge—such as the very concept of the cloud, Google Docs, DropBox, and numerous others—RingCentral has worked diligently to implement these technologies into their system. Currently, the company offers four distinctive VoIP packaging plans (as opposed to the traditional three) for their clients to choose from.

Promises to their Clients

Currently, RingCentral helps provide telecommunications products to over 350,000 businesses and organizations around the world. The company believes that this is largely due to their ongoing commitment to providing an “easy, affordable, and reliable all-in-one phone system.”

On the company’s website, they highlight six primary reasons that their customers continue using their services and regularly refer them to others:

  • Affordable
  • Easy and efficient
  • Services and support
  • Any device
  • Reliable and secure
  • Highest quality

Additionally, as evidenced by the fact that they are willing to offer more packages than their counterparts, creating customized solutions is also a point of company pride.

RingCentral VoIP Packages

There are several different VoIP services that RingCentral clients will have the option to choose from. The primary differences between these systems are their cost (which is on a per unit basis), their highlighted features, and the kind of business operations that are specifically designed to serve.

  • The Essentials Package costs $19.99 per month per user and is currently the most basic VoIP system that RingCentral has to offer. This package is designed for online meetings with up to 4 people and also offer 100 toll-free minutes for each user per month. Additionally, the essentials packages offers unlimited calling, conferencing, and business SMS.
  • The Standard Package costs $24.99 per month per user, but it also has several additional benefits. Instead of 100 minutes per month, this package offers up to 1,000 minutes, making it ideal for users who will be frequently making calls.
  • The Premium Package costs $34.99 per month per user. According to the company’s website, this package is the one that is the most popular. With the premium package, users will be given up to 2,500 minutes per month, Salseforce.com CRM integration, automatic call recoding, multi-level auto attendant, and the ability to run meetings with up to 100 different people.
  • The Ultimate Package costs $49.99 per month per user. Though the monthly rate is notably more expensive than the comparable alternatives, this package may make sense for businesses operating on a large scale. In addition to the system benefits of the premium package mentioned above, the ultimate package offers an impressive 10,000 minutes per month in addition to the option of running meetings with up to 200 people.

Naturally, your choice to use any of these packages should be made on your specific set of needs in the status quo. The size of your business, your current budget, and your long-term goals are all things that should be actively accounted for during the decision making process.

Deciding which VoIP System is Right for You

When compared to other VoIP system providers, the cost of using RingCentral is just above average. However, the features that this particular provider is able to offer are quite extensive and these features are likely the reason that RingCentral has one of the largest market shares of any comparable company in the world.

Having access to a CRM management system can be incredibly useful for medium or even large businesses, which is why the premium package is likely the most popular. Additionally, you should sincerely take the time to consider how many minutes each user might require per month. If you are able to adequately understand your company needs in the status quo, then distinguishing between RingCentral VoIP systems should be much easier. If you are still unsure which system is right for you, the company offers temporary free trials of its systems and also offers the option to make future adjustments.


Overall, RingCentral is a company that has effectively established itself and created positive relationships with clients all around the world. Depending on your organization’s specific needs, some of RingCentral’s more extensive options may be unnecessarily pricy. However, because the company does in fact offer four different packages to choose from, you will be much more likely to find a package that is able to meet your needs. Due to the company’s history of integrating new technologies, effectively targeting specific businesses, and offering well-reviewed client service, RingCentral can be considered an above average VoIP provider.

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