Retvis RT21 Two-Way Radio Review

When you are looking for a walkie talkie to coordinate efforts at construction sites, warehouses or events taking place over an extended area the Retvis RT21 provides great quality and ease of use. The Retevis RT21 has 16 available channels, and a scanner quickly finds open channels, reducing the time it takes to begin talking. These walkie talkies also include encryption protocols to keep your conversations from being intercepted.

The RT21 works indoors and out, but they are most effective when utilized for communication over a two to three block radius. These walkie talkies may not be a great fit for outdoorsmen and hikers as obstacles such as trees and hills may degrade signal quality over long distances.

Operators in noisy environments will love the option of using an earpiece to drown out background noises and enjoy clear transmissions. Onboard functions of the Retvis R21 can be tailored to a specific purpose with user friendly Retvis software, and voice commands allow hands-free operation so you can keep working while changing functions or initiating conversations.

These units can be recharged with included charging cradles, and low-battery indicators will alert users to the battery’s state before it dies completely. The RT21 has a few power saving options including a time-out timer that prevents activity when not in use.


  • Clear indoor communication.
  • Long battery life allows for extended use without charging.
  • The channel lock feature keeps your communication flowing without searching for available channels.
  • An included earpiece keeps hands free to perform other tasks while listening.
  • A reinforced outer shell provides more durability than the Retvis H-777, offering one-meter fall protection.
  • The Retvis RT21 has an emergency alarm that can signal for help if necessary.
  • Voice commands can be activated by speaking both English and Chinese.
  • The RT21 is compatible with the Retvis H-777 allowing you to use both models when necessary.


  • The only charging option is via included charging docks. The RT21 cannot be charged via USB cables.
  • Some of the included accessories such as the belt hook are not incredibly durable and may break when impacted or overused.
  • Outdoor operation may not be possible if certain geographical features come between the units.
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