Retevis H-777 Two-Way Radio Review

Retevis H-777 ReviewWith most walkie talkies, incoming signals sound fuzzy and crackly. But with the Retevis H-777, you get surprisingly clear audio. Unlike many two-way radios on the market, this walkie talkie even sounds good in urban environments.

If you need an indoor walkie talkie to use in a bar or restaurant, the Retevis H-777 is an excellent choice. You’ll begin to lose the signal if you get too far away, but so long as your staff stays in the general area you’ll be able to stay in communication with them– even if they step outside for a smoke.

Like Midland’s GXT1000VP4, the Retevis H-777 comes with a headset. Security personnel will like the Retetvis H-777’s CIA style earpiece. Audio comes in loud and clear, plus the headset’s built in mic works well in noisy locations.

Another interesting thing about the H-777 is that you can change its transmitting frequencies by plugging it into a computer. The free software that comes with the walkie talkie caters to advanced users. But it’s easy to use if you are familiar with the technical lingo used by advanced two-way radio operators.


  • Works well in cities. Very few walkie-talkies work well in urban environments. However, the H-777 does a fairly good job. In cities, you can communicate well from about 1.5 miles away.
  • Comes with an earpiece. The coiled wraparound earpiece looks like the kind used by professional bodyguards.
  • Used by the US Navy. The US Navy has trusted Retevis to take care of its two-way radio communication needs.
  • Programmable frequencies. If the H-777’s stock frequencies are illegal where you live, no problem. Just use Retevis’ free software to reprogram your device.
  • Built-in LED flashlight. Like Motorola’s MR350R, this walkie talkie comes with a built-in light. The H-777’s light is quite powerful and can help you get around in the dark if an emergency situation arises.
  • High quality speaker. The H-777 really shines when it comes to audio clarity. Incoming messages sound crystal clear.
  • Sleek, professional design. The H-777’s all-black design and professional looks demonstrate that this walkie talkie is not a toy.


  • The included earpiece works quite well, but it isn’t very comfortable.
  • If you drop this walkie talkie, it will probably break. The plastic shell is quite sturdy, but it’s not protected by rubber.
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6 thoughts on “Retevis H-777 Two-Way Radio Review”

  1. We have 22 Retevis H-777 radios and they perform quite well unit to unit and through our repeater. Two issues that one needs to know in using this radio.
    1. the charger is not a smart charger and you really need to put it on a timer and only charge it about 4 hours, then let it drain down. We have had a couple of the batteries get too hot and swell from over charging. This should be fixed.
    2. When transmitting, one must hold the TX button down for about 3 seconds before talking or the receiving radio(s) only get the last part of the transmission. It is a constant issue we don’t have with our Motorola and Kenwood radios.

    Price wise, you can’t beat it. If it breaks, throw it away and order another one.

  2. I need some help is the model h777 compadable to the t6500 talk about what do I need to change to hear both sides of the transmission is it the pl codes ?

    • On a cursory search, finding a good transdermal headset appears to be a bit of a challenge all around. If any of our readers have any suggestions for Michael, please comment here. Thanks!


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