Getting Started in Ham Radio

Ham radio is a colloquial term for amateur radio. Like commercial radio stations, ham radio operators require a license to operate legally. But unlike commercial radio, “Hams” are restricted from accepting any compensation for what they broadcast. Their realm is more like an online discussion board than a media website. Getting started in ham radio … Read more

Atmospheric Data Centers: What are they and why should you want one?

The weather is always a major concern for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and thus, it is always a wise idea to check your local weather report before venturing outdoors for a day of recreation. Fortunately, the popularity of so called “smart” cell phones often enables people to keep track of the weather in their … Read more

Developing an Urban Survival Intelligence Plan

Survival is an evolution. It’s a fast-paced mutation that you must stay ahead of. Though hurricanes bring wind damage and floods, these things quickly evolve into power outages and clean water disruptions. If these conditions last too long you will see chaos like we saw in New Orleans after Katrina. It is your job to … Read more

Police Radio Codes

If you’ve ever watched an episode of television or a film with someone communication over the radio with a string of numbers, you may have wondered what deal is with phrases similar to “10-4.” While 10-4 is arguably the most well-known of their lot, these code phrases are known as “ten-codes” or “ten-signals;” despite the … Read more

Setting Up Your Ditch Bag

When you enter the world of offshore boating, you should undertake an additional level of preparation when compared to inland boating. The ocean is a formidable environment, and as a boat owner and captain you should take special care in equipping your boat. Beyond setting up your boat to try to avoid bad scenarios, you … Read more