Teaching Your Children About Survival

As parents, one of our prime responsibilities is to train and teach our children, preparing them for life. To at least some extent, that means preparing them for the problems of life. As people who are concerned about survival preparedness, we know better than most just what that means. So it’s only natural that we … Read more

Most Important Survival Tools to Own

Many people look at survival as being about the supplies that you have; but, while supplies are important, ultimately the tools you have are more important. If all you depend on is your supplies, then eventually you’ll run out of supplies. When that happens, you’re sunk. There’s no other real option. But if you have … Read more

Why Living Off the Land Isn’t a Great Survival Strategy

If you listen to many people who talk about bugging out, it appears that their plan is to get out of town and head for the wilderness somewhere, living off the land. While I can see some definite advantages to getting out of town, especially in times of social unrest and general lawlessness, attempting to … Read more

Calculating Risks: Planning for Backcountry Survival

Back Country

Going into the Backcountry has its own set of risks associated with simply being there. There is unpredictable weather, unstable terrain, and wild animals. When you take a step into the backcountry you are stepping literally into the food chain, something a lot of people never experience. So that means you need to be mentally, … Read more

Building an Effective Perimeter Defense for Your Home

Effective home defense is challenging, to say the least. The basic problem, as with any defensive situation, is that the attacker has the initiative. They get to choose the when, where and how of their attack. This leaves you with the unenviable job of having to develop a defense that covers just about any possibility. … Read more