Nextiva Review

Over the last decade, the VoIP technology industry has been growing at an incredible rate. Currently, consumers have many different options to choose from and it can sometimes be quite difficult to know which VoIP product will be the best for your organization. This article will briefly review one of the most innovative and accessible VoIP providers—Nextiva—and also briefly discuss how Nextiva’s VoIP network can benefit your business.

Company Overview

Nextiva was originally founded in the year 2006 and has since become one of the fastest growing organizations within the telecommunications industry. The company is currently based in Scottsdale, Arizona (USA) and employs more than 700 individuals. The current CEO is Tomas Gorny who has a strong background in the telecommunications industry.

According to the accounting firm Deloitte, Nextiva grew by over 1,500% in the year 2014 alone. This rate of growth is seemingly unheard of in an industry of this size, even for relatively new organizations. Additionally, the company was able to yield more than $110 million in sales during the month of January 2017 alone.

The company prides itself for a variety of different reasons including their effective use of analytics, their ability to unify business and internal communications into a single platform, and the fact the company is able to effectively adapt to a variety of different needs. Nextiva’s capacity to offer extensive customer support while simultaneously minimizing system downtime is another reason that they are consistently among the most highly reviewed organizations in the industry.

Current Product Offers

In order to appeal to a wider base of customers, Nextiva has developed numerous different product offerings in order to provide “flexible plans for every business.” The most affordable Nextiva plan is referred to as Office Pro. This particular plan starts at $19.95 per month (depending on which features you desire) and offers businesses unlimited calling and unlimited virtual faxing. Being able to have a free local number, direct voicemail to email, and use of a central database are all incredibly useful features.

The second most affordable plan—which Nextiva claims is its most affordable—is referred to as the Office Pro Plus. Starting at $20.95 per month (one dollar more than the standard Office Pro), this plan offers all of the same features in addition to numerous others. Features such as professionally recorded greetings, “Call Me Now”, the Nextiva Mobile App, and the Nextiva Mobile team are common reasons that businesses might choose to upgrade.

The most expensive version of Nextiva starts at $27.95 per month and is referred to as the Office Enterprise. This particular package offers an incredible array of useful features and is specifically designed for relatively larger organizations. Not only will businesses have the option to use three different recorded greetings, they also gain access to call recording, “Nextiva Anywhere”, Nextiva Intelligence, and many other benefits. This package is primarily useful for automation, administration, and complex operations.

The Nextiva product offering that will make the most sense for your business will depend on a variety of different factors. Some businesses are simply looking for a basic VoIP network and for these businesses, the Office Pro package may be more than enough. After all, the features of the Office Pro package are still quite extensive. However, for only dollar more per month, upgrading to the Office Pro Plus is still an incredibly reasonable option for businesses with limited needs. The real upgrade occurs when organizations choose to use the Office Enterprise model. The most dominant driver of value in this particular product is the various intelligence features that it includes.

Top Features and Benefits

Each of the available Nextiva products can be customized and modified to address the specific needs of your business. Some of the most popular features that come in all three models are Cloud PBX, free number porting, unlimited calling, advanced call management, shared call appearance, and unlimited virtual faxing. Additionally, users will have the option to add a voicemail to text function for $2.95 per line.

Other reasons that Nextiva products have become quite popular include the company’s incredible reliability, the ability to manage systems from a centralized online platform, ease of connecting multiple different locations, and numerous others. In fact, in terms of reliability, the company has a reported uptime of 99.999%–among the best in the entire industry. The company also does an excellent job helping organizations transition from using systems solely dependent on faxing to creating systems that a much more flexible and have a significantly wider reach.

Though the Office Pro Plus is the most popular package, it seems that Nextiva’s distribution of features is primarily designed to encourage users to upgrade to the Office Enterprise. The NextIQ intelligence features that can be found in the Office Enterprise package are incredibly extensive and seem to transform the ways in which a VoIP can be utilized. Having the ability to use sentiment analysis, customer journey tracking, post-contact satisfaction surveys, and customer benchmarking significantly expand the range of options that businesses have available.


It seems that the only downside of Nextiva is that their pricing can sometimes be a bit misleading because monthly rates will increase for companies who do not enter into a multi-year contract. However, Nextiva representatives are very good at communicating and answering questions from potential customers. Overall, Nextiva is a relatively affordable VoIP provider that can work to serve the needs of a wide variety of different businesses. With a contract, Nextiva’s services can be accessed for as little as $19.95 per month, and even the most expensive option that is currently available on the market still cost no more than $27.95. If you are willing to commit to using Nextiva’s services, you will have access to one of the most useful and objectively beneficial VoIP networks that is currently available.

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