A TDMA DMR-compatible mobile radio that’s outfitted with features that make easy to use, versatile and tough

Some mobile radios are specifically designed to be used outdoors, while others have features that make them more suitable for urban use. The SL300, on the other hand, can do it all. In low light conditions, the SL300’s shatterproof LED matrix display will tell you what channel you’re on. At the same time, Motorola’s patented “Range Max” antenna enables the three-watt SL300 to perform as well as any four-watt mobile radio.

With its subtle design, user-friendly button layout, patented antenna design and IP54 ingress protection rating, the SL300 is an excellent fit for any type of operating environment.

Slender profile

The SL300’s IP54 ingress protection rating might lead you to believe that it’s chunky and awkward– but this isn’t the case at all. In fact, this mobile radio is just 0.87 inches thick, 4.95 inches tall and 2.17 inches wide. In other words, it’s about the same size as a smartphone– and small enough to fit in a pocket or purse.

Intuitive button layout

This is the type of mobile radio that you can pick up and use instantly without having to read the directions. The large push-to-talk button makes it easy to use the SL300 with one hand. And because the power button is located on the top of the device instead of on the side, you won’t find yourself accidently turning it on or off. The fact that separate buttons are dedicated to volume control and channel switching means that you won’t have to scroll through any cumbersome menus to perform basic tasks.

TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) capable

The SL300 is a TDMA DMR radio that’s capable of doubling the capacity of a standard 12.5-kilohertz channel. This lets the SL300 communicate with analog mobile radio systems. What’s more, one 12.5-kilohertz channel can carry two conversations at the same time. Security is also better with DMR radios, since digital signals are easier to encrypt.

IP54 ingress protection rating

The SL300 has an IP54 ingress protection rating. This means that it’s dustproof, splashproof and performs well in extreme weather conditions. The internal circuits are designed to resist dust, dirt, debris and its rugged shell keeps the SL300’s components safe from rain and water splashes.

Patented high performance Motorola technology

Only Motorola radios are equipped with “Range Max”– a patented design that lets this three-watt device perform as well as a four-watt mobile radio. Range Max technology gives Motorola the ability to build slim radios like the SL300 that are just as powerful as they are small and easy to carry.

Many accessories are available

Because you can use any microUSB port to charge the SL300, you don’t need a special charging station to use it. However, optional charging stations are available to those who need them. Other accessories include earpieces, multi-unit chargers, carrying holsters, belt clips, hand straps, colored antenna bands and more.

Rugged LED matrix display

The SL300’s subtle but effective LED display shows you what channel you’re on, which group you’re in, how loud the volume is and more. Because the display is made up of many individual shatter-resistant LED lights, it’s unlikely to break or crack if you drop it.

Switch between analog and digital

The SL300’s TDMA compatibility gives you the ability to communicate with both digital and analog mobile radio systems. This flexibility provides you with an simple and cost-effective way to begin slowly updating your existing mobile radio system. There’s no need to replace all your existing mobile radios at once.

Transmission interruptions

Interruption broadcasts make it easy to send out critical alerts, supervisory messages and other important information.

Spoken interface option

Audible prompts narrate everything you do with your mobile radio. This makes it easier to operate the device with one hand, without having to take your eyes off of whatever else you’re doing. This feature can be toggled on and off.

MicroUSB connectivity

Many mobile radios can only be charged in special docks, but you can use any microUSB-compatible port to charge the SL300. As long as you have a microUSB cord, you can use any type of computer or wall adapter to recharge your SL300’s batteries.

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