Motorola XPR7550 Portable Two-Way Radio

Looking for a business two-way radio which you can use in a hazardous setting? One excellent choice which is ideal for a range of dangerous environments is the Motorola XPR7550.

This radio has everything that you would expect from any powerful set of two-way business radios: high quality audio, VHF and UHF frequencies bands, 4 watts of power, and long battery life (16 hours). There is even scrambling which helps to enhance your privacy. But it also has an abundance of features which are specifically designed to accommodate communication in perilous locations.

You will find that the XPR7550 is sturdy and durable. The rugged build keeps out wind and dust, and it includes IP57 waterproofing. That means that it can be fully submerged in as much as a meter of water without being fried. As such, you can use it anywhere—whether you are near water or in the desert, it will hold up great to the elements.

Along with its rugged design, the XPR7550 is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, a large, easy-to-read display, and features which help keep workers safe in case of an emergency.


  • Adaptive audio. You don’t want to be fiddling with your volume levels in a dangerous workplace. The XPR7550 has audio levels which adjust automatically in response to more or less noise in the surrounding setting.
  • Large display. The large display of the XPR7550 is full-color and offers both day and night modes. The buttons for navigation are large as well so that you can operate the radio with ease, even if your attention is elsewhere.
  • GPS is fully integrated. Know exactly where you are in relation to your geography, your personnel, and your equipment at all times with the help of built-in GPS.
  • There are useful emergency features. There are a couple of important emergency features integrated into this radio. The first is an emergency button. Push this to send out a distress call to your dispatcher. The second is a transmit interrupt function. This can cut off another conversation in progress in case more important information needs to be transmitted.
  • Certified Intrinsically Safe (CSA). This may be a requirement in certain workplaces. The XPR7550 comes with the CSA certification.
  • IP Site Connect. Have multiple sites that you want to link up? With IP Site Connect, you can connect as many as 15 in order to facilitate communication and get around impediments. That includes walls and other obstructions as well as distance.
  • Other great features. Along with the fantastic features just discussed, the XPR7550 includes quite a few other fabulous benefits. This radio features embedded Bluetooth capabilities, data applications, Capacity Plus, and Linked Capacity Plus. There is also text messaging, which is great for silent communication in environments where noise would create a disruption.


  • This radio is heavy. While all of the extra features included in the XPR7550 are awesome, they do tack on quite a bit of extra weight.

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