Motorola Talkabout MS350R Two-Way Radio Review

Motorola MS350R ReviewMotorola’s MS350R Talkabout is a solid two-way radio that is perfect for communicating during a hunt. It comes in two colors: yellow and camo.

If you’re familiar with walkie talkies, you probably know that they don’t all perform well in forest environments. But the Talkabout is great in the woods. It does an amazing job of sending signals through and around trees.

If you’re an experienced hunter, you’ve probably tried out more than a few different types of walkie talkies. But once you try out the Talkabout, you’ll notice a big difference. Most hunters prefer the Talkabout because it enables you to communicate across ravines and over hills. If you’re trying to track an animal and you need to stay in touch with your party, the MS350R will allow your group to stay on the same page.

Curious to see how well the Talkabout can handle water? Our research revealed that the Talkabout is only waterproof if you use the NiMH rechargeable batteries that come with the product. If you insert standard batteries into the Talkabout, it won’t survive in water for long. One Walkabout owner recorded a test of the MS350R’s ability to survive a dunk for YouTube. The two-way survived the swim, proving that the Walkabout really is waterproof– but only if you use NiMH batteries with it.


  • Almost unbreakable. The MS350R comes in a sturdy rubberized shell resists cracks and chips.
  • Fits the shape of your hand. Unlike other bulky two-way radios, the MS350R Talkabout features a comfortable ergonomic design.
  • You can use it with a repeater. A repeater is an electronic device that strengthens and amplifies incoming signals. The Talkabout has a GMRS mode that’s compatible with standard repeater technology.
  • Waterproof. The Walkabout is IP67 certified. That means that it can survive complete water submersion for up to 30 minutes.
  • Outstanding battery life. Even if you use the Walkabout all day long, it won’t run out of energy if you started out with a full charge.
  • Get weather alerts. This feature allows you to get to safety before the storm hits.
  • 35 mile range. So long as there are no obstructions, you can communicate across very long distances.


  • The Talkabout doesn’t perform well in water if you use normal batteries with it. But if you stick with the NiMH rechargable batteries that comes with this device, the Walkabout will survive a long dunk.
  • The MS350R isn’t expensive. But it is a bit pricey compared to other similar walkie talkies.
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