Motorola T600 Two-Way Radio Review

When it comes to choosing a two-way radio to take with you into the great outdoors, you need to search for a model which is rugged enough to take anything life throws at it, and which offers you the range and features you need to stay connected wherever you go. One radio which makes the grade is the Motorola T600 H2O Series.

The Motorola T600 Talkabout Radio stands out—quite literally. This radio is a bright lime green color which easily catches the eye. This prevents you from misplacing your radio and not being able to find it again while you are camping or doing other activities. You should be able to spot it instantly wherever you set it down (or dropped it).

Along with the bright green color, the Motorola T600 includes other features which also were incorporated with safety and convenience in mind, such as waterproofing and a built-in flashlight. With these features, these radios are an excellent choice for a wide variety of settings. Whether you are camping in the woods, boating on a lake, or hiking in the mountains, they are worth considering.

Like the T600, but don’t need the waterproofing? The Motorola Talkabout T460 is a great alternative to check out.


  • Broad compatibility. The Motorola T600 can be used to talk to all FRS/GMRS radios. They do not need to be the Motorola brand.
  • Waterproof and floats. This radio is waterproofed to IP67 standards, which means that it can survive submersion for as long as half an hour. It also floats.
  • Built-in flashlight. There is an LED flashlight included in this radio. This feature pairs up with the water protection features; the radio is designed so that it will float in a face-up position. The presence of water activates the light, so you can immediately spot the radio even in the dark and retrieve it.
  • Numerous channels. In all, there are 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, so that gives you up to 2,662 sub-channels.
  • Weather alerts. Keep up with NOAA’s latest updates on 11 weather channels.
  • Alert features. Activate the radio’s alert button, and you can transmit an alert siren. A whistle belt clip is included as well so that you can call for aid.
  • VOX. With this feature, you can enjoy the convenience of hands-free operation.
  • PTT power boost. Need to increase the range of your transmission? Send your signal further with Push-To-Talk (PTT). This feature allows you to temporarily increase your power when you need it most. The radio then returns to a lower power mode after you are done using PTT.
  • Other great features. Along with the features just described, the Motorola T600 includes VibraCall™, a keypad lock to keep your settings from being altered by mistake, eco-smart design, and two different battery options (standard AA or NiMH rechargeable batteries).


  • Some models appear to be affected by design flaws. These units may stop working after a short time. Most however seem to be free of this fault.
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