Motorola SL300 Business Two-Way Radio Review

One of the top brands in the two-way radio world is Motorola. This company has risen to the top through consistently well-designed products fit for a variety of industries and environments. Indeed, each Motorola two-way business radio is focused on meeting a particular need. For those in search of a two-way radio with a slim profile, the Motorola SL300 fits the bill.

With the Motorola SL300, you are getting an exceptionally portable, lightweight device. Even with the battery, it weighs less than 6 ounces. With its impressively slim build, it can fit in most pockets, satchels and purses with ease. The thickness is less than an inch. That means that you can carry the radio in your pocket without everyone noticing it is in there. The antenna is short as well; this is yet another design choice which keeps the build as compact as possible.

None of this is to say that the SL300 sacrifices features for portability. This two-way radio includes a number of special features which you might not typically expect to find in such a small package.


  • Amazing low profile. As already discussed, this truly is an astonishingly compact two-way radio. You can carry it around comfortably and discreetly in a uniform pocket.
  • Analog/digital operation. The SL300 is compatible with both analog and digital radios. With the digital capabilities, auditory quality is improved, as is the life of the battery and the range of reception. But since analog functionality is incorporated, you can still use this radio to call to others that are not yet on the digital system.
  • Transmit interrupt. Use this feature anytime you need to break into a conversation to quickly deliver an important message. The previous communication will be interrupted so that you can update your workers immediately.
  • Rugged build. This slender two-way radio may look delicate compared to its bulky counterparts, but its design is surprisingly sturdy. With an IP54 rating, you don’t need to worry about splashes of water or dust.
  • Voice prompts. Stay focused on your tasks when you are using the SL300. As you are working, spoken prompts guide you through your device’s operations.
  • MicroUSB. You can use the MicroUSB connector on the radio to plug it in to charge up the battery. It also can be used to program the device.
  • Good battery life. Because the short antenna is specially designed and a lithium ion battery is used to power the SL300, you get long battery life (up to 15 hours depending on the settings).
  • Other useful features. The SL300 offers talkaround, channel spacing, missed call alerts, group calling, and other fantastic features.


  • Wattage is limited. Power settings include 1, 2, and 3 watts. Actually, 3 watts isn’t bad at all considering the small profile of the device, but some users may need 4 or 5 watts.

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