Motorola RMU2040

A speedy, user-friendly mobile radio for business

Features like HTML-based settings programming, hands-free operation and antimicrobial protection make the RMU2040 an excellent choice for communicating in a bustling business environment. Optional accessories that enhance the RMU2040’s functions add to its feature set.

Construction sites, warehouses and other challenging work sites can make it hard to communicate with a mobile radio. That’s why the makers of the RMU2040 designed it to be tough enough to hold up to strenuous use over time. In addition to passing Motorola’s ALT (Accelerated Life Testing), the RMU2040 has been approved for use in the US Military.

In addition to being both easy to use and rugged, the RMU2040 has impressive features and technical specifications. It supports 99 UHF business band frequencies as well as 219 different PL (Private Line) and DPL (Digital Private Line) codes.

Audio comes in loud and clear

The RMU2040’s 1500 mW speaker reduces the chance that you’ll miss an important communication when operating in a noisy environment.

Resistant to dust, wind, shock and vibration

Because the RMU2040 is both certified for military use and has passed Motorola’s Accelerated Life Testing, you can rest assured that it won’t easily break when an accident happens or when weather conditions deteriorate on the job.

Focus on your job, not on your radio

The RMU2040’s spoken menu narration feature and voice activated talk mode let you take your mind and eyes off your radio and concentrate on more important matters.

Excellent range

In favorable conditions, this two-watt radio has a range of roughly 250,000 square feet.

Resistant to germs and microbes

The RMU2040’s germ-resistant coating prevents colds and flus from spreading in the workplace.

Intuitive user interface

Motorola’s CPS (Customer Programming Software) is as powerful as it is easy to use. Set up and clone an entire fleet of radios with ease.

A plethora of accessories to choose from

Available accessories range from carrying holsters to belt clips and more.

Three-colored LED display

Check your mobile radio’s status simply by looking at its LED lights, which indicate which mode it’s in and other important information.

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