Motorola RDU4100 Two-Way Radio

If you in the market for a solid business two-way radio which will provide you with the battery life, clarity, and range to work effectively with a team in just about any setting, consider the Motorola RDU4100.

Motorola is among the biggest brand names you are going to find in the world of two-way business radios for good reason. Models like the RDU4100 do an excellent job penetrating through walls and crossing the distance needed for workers in a variety of environments and industries to communicate clearly and easily.

There are quite a few features which stand out with regards to the Motorola RDU4100. What is most noteworthy however is probably the quality of the audio. This model was built specifically for noisy workplaces. The volume levels are louder than other models manufactured by Motorola like the AX or the XTN. There are also special noise cancellation features which help to screen out unwanted background sounds. For this reason, the RDU4100 is an excellent option if you are shopping for radios to use in warehouses, construction sites, and other loud industrial settings.


  • Amazing audio. The standout feature of this radio is the crystal clear audio and the extra volume boost over other Motorola two-way radios. There is also a noise cancellation feature which helps to reduce interference from wind, making this radio a good choice for outdoor use (i.e. construction sites).
  • Special frequencies for business use. This radio gives you access to 89 UHF frequencies with 219 codes. These frequencies are only available for business use, so finding a clear channel is easy.
  • Great range. With 4 watts of power, getting the range you need for larger worksites should not be a problem. These radios can even sometimes get reception through walls—just keep in mind that all obstructions reduce their effective range.
  • Long-lasting battery life. The lithium-ion battery should provide you with enough power to get through a standard workday.
  • Clone settings. Want to transfer the settings from one radio to another? With an optional accessory, you can do this in a jiffy through settings cloning.
  • Hands-free operation. If you want to be able to use the radio through voice activation, there is another optional accessory you can purchase to give you hands-free control.
  • Dynamic Talkaround Scan. This is a feature which you can use to toggle between the talkaround mode and the repeater mode automatically.
  • Programming is available. For those who want to customize their two-way radio experience, the Motorola RDU4100 comes with programming software. You can use this to optimize the radios so that they are an ideal fit for your workplace needs.


  • Not waterproof. The RDU4100 is water-resistant, but it is not actually waterproof. So that is something to keep in mind if you work in wet environments or deal with harsh weather. On the bright side, it is sealed against dust, and can also resist shock damage.
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