Motorola DTR650

Designed to meet the needs of managers

With features like enhanced managerial functions, one-to-many broadcasts and extended range, the DTR650 is a cut above the DTR550. Its added features make it an ideal mobile radio for managers operating in a wide variety of business environments. This 900 MHz mobile radio has an extended antenna as well as improved power management compared to less advanced models.

Preconfigured reply messages

Sometimes a canned response is a quicker and easier way to reply to a text. When those situations arise, save time by choosing from one of 10 pre-programmed text messages.

Full control over your mobile radio fleet

The DTR650’s over-the-air managerial function lets you monitor or even disable a device without the need to physically access it.

Give instructions to multiple devices simultaneously

Group calling gives you access to 20 private and 50 public call groups. In addition, the DTR650’s one-to-many call feature lets you broadcast announcements to groups of devices at the same time.

See more information when you send and receive SMS texts

All SMS texts that the mobile radio receives and sends are time stamped and tagged with identifying information.

Improved battery life

After you charge the DTR650’s lithium ion battery, it will last 19 hours. That’s more than enough time for several work shifts.

Shock and scratch resistant exterior

The DTR650’s polycarbonate shell is shielded in rubber, which reduces the chance that it will break should an accident occur.

Approved for military use

This mobile radio meets US Military specifications C, D, E and F. This means that it won’t break if exposed to dust, water, shocks, extreme temperatures and vibrations.

Adjustable backlit screen

Operate in any type of lighting condition with the DTR650’s adjustable display.

See who’s calling before you answer

Built-in caller ID lets you know who’s on the other end of the call.

Easy to configure and clone

An optional cable decreases the time needed to set up your radio fleet.

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