Motorola CP185

A compact yet robust mobile radio that works well in demanding business environments

Motorola’s CP185 mobile radio was specifically designed to meet the needs of people who work in schools, hotels, factories and other similar businesses. Features like hands-free operation, enhanced audio clarity and signal scrambling for added privacy, the CP185 delivers excellent value and performance in a small, lightweight package.

Many of this mobile radio’s most notable features are meant to enhance efficiency and productivity while on the job. A patented algorithm that Motorola calls X-PAND provides crisper, clearer and stronger audio quality compared to other business-centric mobile radios.

There are two different models of the CP185 to choose from. The LKP (Limited Keypad) version comes with a keypad, while the NKP (No Keypad) model does not.

A mobile radio that you can pick up and use immediately

The CP185’s practical layout reduce the time required to learn how to use it. There are no complex menus to click through– just a large press-to-talk control, a volume dial, a power switch and a few other intuitive buttons. The LKP edition of the CP185 adds a few more basic controls.

Small size, lightweight

Measuring just 4.72 by 2.28 by 1.46 inches, the CP185 is small enough to fit in a purse or small bag.

Keeps your conversations private

The voice scrambler feature protects your privacy when you communicate.

Hands free operation

VOX (Voice Activated Transmission) eliminates the need to press the button every time you talk, leaving you free to focus on your surroundings instead of your radio.

Customizable buttons

If you don’t like the default settings for the CP185’s buttons, you can create your own custom button layout.

Crisp, clear audio

X-PAND– a patented voice processing algorithm invented by Motorola– clarifies the audio quality of the CP185 and makes voices sound more intelligible. Moreover, the CP185 has tighter channel selectivity specifications (-70 dB) compared to most mobile radios in its class. This helps reduce interference from adjacent channels.

Low power mode

When your batteries are running low, you can dial the power down from five watts to four watts and get more usage time.

Direct talk mode

The CP185 supports direct talk, or talkaround mode. This allows you to communicate with other devices without sending a signal through your mobile radio infrastructure.

Tough enough for military use

The CP185 has a MIL-STD-810 rating of C, D, E and F. It resists extreme temperatures, natural environments and environmental stressors.

Caller ID

Because the CP185 is MDC1200 compliant, it provides caller ID information as well as radio in-range checks.

Alerts and selective calls

The CP185’s DTMF (Dual Tone, Multi Frequency) features make selective calls and call alerts possible.

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