Motorola CLS1410 Two-Way Radio

Those searching for a powerful set of two-way radios for use in the workplace will quickly find out that one of the most trusted brands catering to that need is Motorola. This manufacturer has developed a number of high-quality two-way business radio models, one of which is the CLS1410.

The CLS1410 is a high-quality radio designed with discretion in mind. It comes with an array of channels and frequencies for private use, and also includes the popular VibraCall® feature. So in any workplace where privacy is a major concern, the CLS1410 is a good choice.

The Motorola CLS1410 is also recommended if you are looking for a business two-way radio which emphasizes ease-of-use. Whereas other business two-way radios can be overly complex to operate, the intuitive design of this radio makes it a breeze to onboard employees or contractors. That way you can get everyone up and running fast and communicating clearly across any workplace. The radio also includes an abundance of other great features like long battery life and hands-free operation with the aid of an accessory.


  • Plenty of frequencies and channels for discreet workplace communications. With 56 frequencies exclusively for business, four channels, and 121 private line codes (38 analog and 83 digital), you can keep your communications private even in crowded environments. This is ideal for large office buildings, resorts, and other settings where there may be many other two-way radio users in range.
  • VibraCall┬«. This is another great feature for privacy. With it, you can receive alerts quietly and discreetly.
  • Long battery life and easy recharging. You can use either a lithium ion battery or a regular AAA battery with this device (an accessory is required if you want the AAA option). The lithium ion battery can last for up to 18 hours on a single charge. A drop-in charger is available so that you can keep all of your radios in the same place.
  • Clone settings. There are going to be times when you want to quickly and easily copy settings from one radio and transfer them to another. With the simplified cloning feature, you can do this almost effortlessly. You do need to pick up an accessory for it. Worried about the settings being changed on accident? There is a convenient keypad lock which you can use to prevent that from happening.
  • Compatible with headsets. If you want to be able to free up your hands when you are talking on your two-way radios, you can purchase a headset to go with your CLS1410.
  • LCD window. This informational window displays how much battery life you have left along with other useful data.


  • There is only one watt of power. This is not ideal if you are trying to communicate across a large worksite.
  • Accessories may be needed. As is common with Motorola two-way radios, quite a few features can only be enabled with optional add-on purchases.
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