Motorola CLS1110

Simple, lightweight and affordable

The CLS1110 has a number of features that are designed to appeal to small business owners on a budget. Choose from 56 different business-exclusive frequencies and experience the Motorola difference. The CLS1110 design team has delivered a low-priced mobile radio that nevertheless has exceptional audio clarity, range and battery life.

Wide range of available frequencies

The CLS1110 can operate on 56 different frequencies that are reserved for business use only.

Filter out conversations you don’t need to hear

Equipped with PLC (Private Line Codes), the CLS1110 lets you speak in private across 83 digital and 38 analog private lines.

Quick settings cloning

Instead of configuring each CLS1110 device individually, you can simply use the cloning function to reduce the time needed to set up a radio fleet. A convenient keypad lock keeps CLS1110 users from accidentally making changes to a device’s profile.

Many charging options available

Either use a charging dock to recharge the CLS1110’s lithium ion batteries or insert AAA batteries instead.

Intuitive display

The CLS1110’s LCD display lets you instantly find out how much battery charge you have left and see other important information about your device.

One charge lasts all day

With 18 hours of use time on its lithium ion battery, the CLS1110 will last through several work shifts on a single charge.

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