Motorola APX 7000

Tailor made for the emergency service sector

Motorola’s APX 7000 is equipped with top-of-the-line features like a built-in GPS-powered location tracker, FDMA/TDMA compatibility and more. It is capable of operating in any two of these frequency bands simultaneously: 700/800 MHz ,VHF, UHF Range 1, and UHF Range 2. This makes it far more flexible compared to more basic mobile radios, which typically are only compatible with a small range of frequency bands. Another feature that the APX 7000 has that other mobile radios lack is a one-watt speaker, which allows voices to be heard in noisy or chaotic environments.

Two radios in one

The fact that the APX 7000 is capable of dual frequency band operation means that it’s like having two different radios contained in one single device.

Two-voice capable

Because the APX 7000 is P25 Phase 2-TDMA compliant, multiple people can talk on the same line simultaneously– without the need to setup and install additional equipment.

Extra loud speaker

The APX 7000’s one-watt speaker is designed to be heard in loud environments. Motorola’s patented design allows for excellent comprehensibility.

Advanced noise reduction algorithm

Voices come through loud and clear, thanks to Motorola’s Extreme Audio Profile noise reducing software. The algorithm uses the APX 7000’s two microphones to analyze, locate and amplify your voice.

Cutting edge signal compression

The APX 7000 is equipped with DVSI’s AMBE 2 vocoder, which synthesizes and analyzes human voice signals for improved clarity and more secure encryption.

Expandable and upgradable

An expansion slot gives you the ability to add upgrades like option cards and data applications.

Intuitive menus and buttons

Even though the APX 7000 has advanced features, its ergonomic design, high-contrast display, large keyboard and optimized push-to-talk button makes it easy to find your way around the device.

Bluetooth compatible

The APX 7000’s Bluetooth feature reduces setup time when connecting to devices and reduces the need to carry cords and connectors.

Location tracking

Integrated GPS provides precise tracking of individuals and vehicles. The APX 7000’s software is compatible with several popular map applications.

Secure communication

With FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified hardware encryption, all your communications will remain safe, secure and private.

Colored alert indicators

Motorola’s Intelligent Lighting notification system tells you everything you need to know in an instant. Color-coded alerts inform you when there’s a potential emergency or an upcoming event.

Fully customizable

Nearly every aspect of the device– from the sound of the tones to the brightness of the indicator lights– can be adjusted and tweaked. This flexibility gives you the ability to adapt to bright sunlight and dark environments when using an APX 7000.

Send and receive text messages

The APX 7000’s predetermined responses reduce the time needed to respond when all that’s required is a brief acknowledgement or a short reply.

Voice menu descriptions

When it’s important to stay focused, you can switch on the APX 7000’s voice announcements. These are convenient because they let you know what channel you’re on when you’re busy doing other things.

Programming from a distance

You don’t need to have physically access an APX 7000 to program it. Use over-the-air POP25 transmissions to program your fleet while they’re in the field.

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