Jive Communications Review

As we move further into the information era, more businesses are looking for ways to quickly connect to other people. Whether this communication involves members within the same company or with a different company, having a reliable communications partner is something that is likely more important than ever before.

Over the past few decades, the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has been significantly expanding in response to consumer needs. Currently, there are seemingly countless VoIP providers to choose from in the United States and elsewhere around the world. This article will briefly review the VoIP provider Jive Communications and discuss whether their services will make sense for your business.

Company Overview

Jive is a company that was originally founded in Utah in the year 2006. Though the company originally started with a group of just six employees, they have since grown to employ more than 700 individuals throughout the Western Hemisphere. The company has been able to achieve this growth due to what they describe as a commitment to “innovation, hard work, and bootstrapping.”

As is the case with many VoIP providers who have developed a proven track record, Jive recently partnered with a larger organization known as LogMeIn. The partnership was established in March of 2018 and currently the LogMeIn “family” is valued at over $1 billion.

One of the things that makes Jive unique has been their efforts to introduce and implement VoIP services in an incredibly wide variety of organizations. Currently, Jive communication services can be found in schools, government organizations, law firms, and business enterprises of all sizes. The company continues to try to adhere to their mission and work diligently to provide value to each of their clients.

Product Overview

Jive’s vast array of products are based out of the cloud for the explicit purpose of “freeing you from extra equipment and empowering you to work anywhere.” Additionally, the company tries to unite all of their products into one centralized format including Jive Voice, Jive Contact Center, and Jive Video.

Jive Voice is a customizable office phone system that is easy to organize and generally easy to manage. The system is characterized by their “intuitive” Dial Plan Editor as well as a remarkably simple user interface. Additionally, adding extensions and auto attendants can easily be done from the same location.

With Jive’s custom built applications, users will usually be able to save a significant amount of time and also manage their phone systems at their leisure. The systems incorporate advanced call analytics which make it much easier for managers to spot patterns over time. According to their website, “when world-class technology meets affordable pricing, everything jives.”

One of most commonly cited benefits of using Jive’s services is that—due to the centralized nature of their products—everything can be easily managed and paid for all in one place. The company offers a wide variety of possible products including voicemail, auto attendants, call queues, faxing services, video services, and numerous others. These systems are relatively affordable (at least when compared to other VoIP services) and are claimed to be quite reliable.

Target Markets

As is the case with many VoIP services, Jive has made an effort to make their products usable by the widest range of organizations possible. Because their products can usually be customized in accordance with their clients’ needs, designing and adapting the ideal system over time is usually something that is quite possible.

  • Jive offers products for small businesses that can include as little as a single phone line; these product packages can be easily customized and adjusted over time. The company specifically references successfully working with American Family Insurance agents.
  • The Mid-Market and Enterprise Hosted VoIP services are designed for private businesses that are operating on a relatively larger scale. The use of the cloud for VoIP is ideal for businesses of this size because, due to the lack of having to hardwire new systems, expanding your business over time is notably easier.
  • The product packages for K-12 and Higher Education are excellent for administrators that required consistent communication from multiple different locations. Jive’s products for schools make it easy to manage new room assignments and integrate multiple schools into one centralized communications network.
  • Jive also offers VoIP services for Government Organizations. On their website, they specifically cite how their products helped aid in organizing the combatting of wildfires in California.
  • Jive also points out that while many Law Firms operate on a mid-market scale, their products have several features that can help satisfy their unique set of needs.

Though these are the target markets that Jive has chosen to highlight, their VoIP packages may be useful for other organizations as well.


Jive has more than 80 different phone features for their clients to choose from and build customized VoIP service packages that can help effectively meet their needs. Additionally, Jive’s partnerships with services such as GoToMeeting (part of the LogMeIn family) has increased interest in their services since their partnership in March 2018.

The cost of a Jive VoIP system will depend largely on the specific features you hope to incorporate, as well as the number of phones that you will have connected to the system.

  • If your organization incorporates 1 to 99 phones into the system, the price per line will be $19.99 to $29.99.
  • If your organization requires more than 100 different phone lines, then the system price will be negotiated directly through Jive.

Generally speaking, the more phones that you add, the less you will pay on a per-unit basis.


Overall, Jive is a VoIP provider that seems to be among the best in the industry. One of the primary points of interest is the way that they distinctively target a wide variety of organizations (including schools, law firms, and government agencies). When compared to other VoIP systems, Jive is often more affordable. Though their product offerings may be slightly different than many of the alternatives, Jive can usually be considered an above average VoIP provider.

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