Iridium Extreme 9575 Satellite Phone Review

Iridium Extreme 9575If you are looking for a phone which makes it easy to stay connected wherever you are in the world, an excellent option is the Iridium Extreme 9575. This satellite phone is Iridium’s foray into the future of communications, uniting durability with advanced calling features for reliable performance.

This cutting-edge satellite phone was constructed with military-grade engineering. That means that no matter how harsh the conditions of your destination, you have a phone which is going to stand up to all that nature can throw at it.

The Iridium Extreme 9575 is a great option both for private and professional use, thanks to the inclusion of the special Integrated Tracking feature. With Integrated Tracking, family and friends can see where you are on your travels in real-time. Alternately, this monitoring feature could also be used by a work supervisor to keep track of employees.

Along with its rugged build and Integrated Tracking, the Iridium Extreme 9575 boasts quite a few other great features as well, and can be augmented with a set of accessories to provide even more functionality.


  • Incredibly rugged. With military-grade 810F durability and shock protection, this phone can take a few knocks. It also has IP65 rated ingress protection, and resists dust and jets of water. The microphone is resistant to wind. A special grip helps you hold onto the phone in any situation and do so comfortably and ergonomically.
  • Beautiful display. The bright display is easy to read during the day and illuminated during the night. The keypad also lights up and is weather-resistant. There is support included for 21 languages.
  • Built-In SOS. With GPS-enabled SOS, you can send an emergency signal with the touch of a button. The connection is two-way, so you will be able to describe your situation and listen to the person on the other end.
  • Integrated tracking. This feature makes it possible to monitor the location of family, friends or personnel, and even to post social network updates. Don’t want to use the feature? You have the option of turning it off to preserve your privacy.
  • Sophisticated calling features. The Iridium Extreme 9575 includes an integrated speakerphone, quick-connect for voicemail, SMS, 8 different alert tones and ring tones, and other fantastic features.


  • The battery life could be longer. You can get up to 4 hours of talk time and up to 30 hours of standby time with this satellite phone. That isn’t the best, so it is wise to bring a couple extra batteries with you on your trip (or a charging port).

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