Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone Review

In the world of satellite phones, few names are as recognized as that of Iridium. This top brand has produced a range of powerful phones with advanced capabilities. The company promotes the Iridium 9555 as “the tough handset chosen by tough customers.”

This is no surprise since rugged design is one of the things which Iridium is renowned for. The industrial-grade build of this phone can easily hold up to all kinds of conditions, making it a great phone to use in harsh environments. That might include everything from a hazardous work zone to a remote desert or ice field.

Another big plus with this phone is its size. It is certainly not tiny, but it is smaller than some competing satellite phones. Iridium was able to achieve this by implementing an antenna which can be stored inside the phone. The shape of the phone also is ergonomic so that you can use it without straining your hand. Don’t want to hold the phone at all? You can purchase a headset to go with it and control it using your voice.


  • Compact and lightweight. As just mentioned, the Iridium 9555 is fairly small for such a sophisticated satellite phone. This sleek profile also means that it is a lot lighter to carry than some other phones.
  • Choose how you talk. Want to hold the phone up to your ear and speak? You can do that. But you can also opt to use the speakerphone and headset. Keep your hands free if you need to.
  • Bright, clear display. With a fully illuminated display, you will have no problem using the phone during day or night. The illuminated keypad is also easy to use in the dark.
  • Large memory. You can store up to 100 entries in the address book for this phone. Check your call history to review past calls (ingoing, outgoing and missed).
  • Powerful messaging capabilities. Along with voice calls, this satellite phone supports SMS as well as short emails. Your mailbox can store both voice and text messages as well as numeric messages.
  • Other excellent features. The Iridium 9555 includes 8 different alert and ring tones and special security features such as a PIN lock and keypad lock.


  • The sound can be a bit tinny. This is more of an aesthetic concern than a practical one however as it does not really seem to impact clarity.
  • Battery life is not the longest. 4 hours of talk time is pretty restrictive, as is 30 hours of standby. Bring a charger and/or extra batteries.

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