Icom 2300H Ham Radio Review

Looking for a rugged ham radio for use in your vehicle with a compact profile? The Icom 2300H, also called the IC-2300H, is the next step up from the IC-2200H, one of the brand’s most popular models.

Overall, the features of the 2300H are about the same as those included in the 2200H. Both models offer high wattage, and both are built with ease-of-use in mind. Both models also come with a CTCSS/DTCS encoder/decoder.

So what is the difference between them? It comes down to dimensions. The IC-2300H is smaller than the IC-2200H. It measures only 10 x 5 x 8 inches and weighs 2.43 pounds. This is an obvious advantage for portable use, making it a superior choice for those in search of a vehicle-mounted ham radio which delivers.

What else does the IC-2300H boast? Along with its ease of use and compact design, it offers multiple scan functions and a durable build. There is also an abundance of other features including everything from DTMF autodial to S-meter squelch. If you purchase it, you can count on it as your reliable companion on the road.


  • Compact design. As already discussed, this ham radio has a smaller profile than its predecessor. This is great if you want to save room in your vehicle. It also makes it easier to transfer the radio from one vehicle to another if you decide to re-mount it.
  • Easy to operate. The user interface of the IC-2300H is simple and straightforward, consisting of an easy-to-read LCD monitor with an alphanumeric display. You can choose to set the backlighting to green or amber.
  • Rugged build. The durability of ham radios can vary tremendously from one model to another. When you are driving, you do not want every bump in the road to damage your radio or interfere with its operation. For that reason, the IC-2300H was built to MIL-STD 810 G standards. That means that its aluminum diecast chassis has withstood heat, vibration and shock during testing and has come out strong.
  • Multiple scan functions. One of the most versatile features of the IC-2300H is support for a variety of scan functions. These include full scan, bank scan, memory scan, programmed scan, skip scan, tone scan, priority scan and bank link scan (DMS). So you can choose whatever scan function you prefer for any application you need.
  • Weather alerts. Find out if harsh weather is heading in your direction with convenient weather alerts on the IC-2300H.
  • Lots of other great features. The features above are excellent, but they are not all that set the IC-2300H apart from competing ham radios. Other fantastic features include loud audio, a power supply voltage display, DTMF autodial, repeater lockout, a timeout timer, S-meter squelch, automatic power off, automatic repeater and more. You can also choose between wide and narrow channel settings.


  • The user manual is not the best. This is an all-too-common complaint with ham radios unfortunately. So just be prepared for that.
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