Eat Like a Caveman Tacos!


1. 1 x Deer Heart
2. 1 x onion
3. Seasonings (salt, pepper, cumin, cayenne pepper, paprika)
4. Fresh Cilantro
5. 1 x small lime
6. Caul fat
7. Soft Flour or Corn Tortillas

As an avid hunter that also loves to try new things, I believe it is important to think outside of the box. There are a lot of good cuts of meat that come off of a deer, and to me all vision is special and delicious. So when I am out in the field hunting and end up harvesting big game, in this case a deer, I like to make a point and eat part of it in the field. It sort of savoring the moment, if you will, and generally speaking tracking, stalking, shooting, and processing a deer can really make a fella hungry. So its time to eat like a caveman.

Eating like a caveman is not only fun and an interesting way to get in touch with our ancestral hunter/gatherers, it is incredibly healthy. We as humans evolved as a species to be apex predators that eat a good diet of vegetables, fruits, and meats rich with animal fats. Early man did not eat many carbs and what carbs he did ingest were quick burning. So animal fats were essential. So eating more like our ancestors will make you lean and mean like they were. I personally have been eating live a caveman and increasing my physical activity…and have shed off nearly an entire person in weight. Over One hundred pounds actually, so it works.

Eating like a caveman does not need to be boring. There are a lot of options for a quick, in the field treat but sometimes I like to be a little more festive, and again, I love to try new things. So I have learned a unique way to prepare a rather unconventional cut of deer meat that I promise, if you just try, you will love it. I am of course talking about deer heart tacos. I go with tacos because it means carrying very little with me to prepare, just a small seasoning mix I make and place in a old bottle, half an onion, cilantro and a small lime.

First of all, its a taco so that right there means its going to be wonderful. You just need to get over the preconceived notion that its made out of heart. Its made out of meat, is what it is, and they are delicious. So first we need heart. Preferably one from a deer, or an Elk however any heart will do if you have access to say cow hearts more regularly.

First you are going to take the heart and core it, trimming off any other tissues, sinew, and fibers like that. The idea is to trim it up so that it is nothing more than a nice big ole hunk of meat. Now you of course notice there is hardly any fat, in fact no fat. You are going to be roasting this over a fire soon, and you are going to need some sort of fat layer to help prevent this from burning.

What I like to do, since I am doing this in the field, is to remove the caul fat from the deer’s stomach and intestines. I bet you didn’t know deer had bacon? Season the heart with salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and other seasonings to taste. I like to use cumin, and paprika as well as cayenne pepper. Then take the onion, slice it up into whatever is easier for you to manage, I tend to cut them into strips as best as possible for the next step.

Now take the seasoned heart, the chopped onions and with the caul fat wrap up the heart completely, putting the onions between the heart and the fat layer. Now you should have a big ball of seasoned meat and fat. Delicious. This is your fuel. No need for carbs like pasta, rice, or potatoes…this crispy fat encrusted heart will give you the fuel you need to get you through the day.

Now take a couple of sticks and skewer the heart, so that you can cook it over a fire. Be sure to use green, wet wood otherwise you are going to burn the sticks and the heart will fall into the fire. Not a total loss, but one you want to avoid. Now simply roast over the direct flame until the fat is rendered almost totally off. It will drip off and cause flare ups in the fire, these flare ups will kiss that fat and crisp it up nice to the heart while also cooking the meat and onions together. Its heavenly.

Now once the fat has pretty much cooked off into a blackened mess, remove from the flame and expose the heart from the charred fat. Inside you will have a perfectly cooked, tasty piece of meat. Simply cut up the heart into bite sized pieces, add some fresh cilantro and maybe some fresh left over onion…squeeze on some of that lime juice and prepare to be whisked away to heaven on earth.

Obviously this meal can easily be prepared at home, but I think for upper class in the field eats its hard to beat deer heart tacos. Give them a shot and I promise you it will change your opinion on what you do with the hearts from now on. Good, and good for you, try one this season! So now armed with this new recipe, you can eat like a 21st century caveman, get in better shape and I promise you that you will awaken a primal spirit within you that will make you feel just great. You will see a change in your body, in your personal attitude, and it truly is life changing. Do yourself a favor and look more into eating live a caveman, just be civilized about it…no reason not to be!