Getting Started in Ham Radio

Ham radio is a colloquial term for amateur radio. Like commercial radio stations, ham radio operators require a license to operate legally. But unlike commercial radio, “Hams” are restricted from accepting any compensation for what they broadcast. Their realm is more like an online discussion board than a media website. Getting started in ham radio … Read more

Atmospheric Data Centers: What are they and why should you want one?

The weather is always a major concern for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and thus, it is always a wise idea to check your local weather report before venturing outdoors for a day of recreation. Fortunately, the popularity of so called “smart” cell phones often enables people to keep track of the weather in their … Read more

Police Radio Codes

If you’ve ever watched an episode of television or a film with someone communication over the radio with a string of numbers, you may have wondered what deal is with phrases similar to “10-4.” While 10-4 is arguably the most well-known of their lot, these code phrases are known as “ten-codes” or “ten-signals;” despite the … Read more