Developing a Bug Out Plan

The general consensus amongst the survival community is that it makes more sense for people to bug in during a time of crisis, than bugging out. But as we’ve recently seen with Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, staying home isn’t always an option. Nature can be such a powerful adversary, that we don’t dare thumb … Read more

Water Purification – Methods You Should Know

Of all the things that you and I stockpile, water is our biggest problem. Putting it simply, there’s just no way of stockpiling enough water to meet our needs in a grid-down situation, no matter what we do. We use water for too many things, and in too large a quantity, to stockpile that much. … Read more

Making Your Smart Phone Part of Your Survival Strategy

It’s rare that any of us know when we’re going to be thrown into a survival situation. That’s why we always need to be prepared. On the most basic level, that means that every time we leave out homes, we should have some sort of survival kit with us. While the possibility of a disaster … Read more

Blackout: Keeping Yourself Under the Radar

If there’s one thing you can count on in any disaster, it’s the lights going out. It really doesn’t take much of a storm to knock down power lines; but that’s really nothing compared to the type of blackouts that could happen in the wake of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack, CME (coronal mass ejection) … Read more

You Must be Prepared for the American Riots

Hurricanes are devastating, mindless forces of nature that destroy all that’s in their path. You may not think of it the same way but riots are also a force of nature. Once a riot begins the leadership dissolves. A strange, intoxicating rage takes over those involved and these rioters begin to do the unspeakable. The … Read more

Introduction to Off-Grid Power

Modern society is addicted to electrical power. Every day we use a wide variety of electrical and electronic devices, from the smartphones we all carry around with us to the refrigerators that keep our food from spoiling. But the electrical grid that supplies our power is old and extremely fragile. We see this in that … Read more