Pros and Cons of Bunkers for Survival

One of the big issues for anyone who is preparing to survive a disaster is determining where they are going to ride out the disaster and its aftermath. For most of us, this ends up being out homes, simply because we can’t afford a fancy survival retreat, off in the woods somewhere. That’s not to … Read more

How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

I think we can all agree that the likelihood of a nuclear war was contoured very nicely on this year’s news feeds. People all over the world know that North Korea is preparing its missiles for an attack against the US, but no one knows if the threat is real or it’s just an image … Read more

Where to Find Water for Survival

Amongst the various things we need to have, in order to survive, water is right up there near the top of the list, topped only by the oxygen and the need to maintain our body heat. The human body can only survive about three days without consuming clean, pathogen-free water; even less if it’s extremely … Read more

Hardening Your Home Against Attack

Home security is one of those things that concerns everyone, that’s why we put locks on our homes. But while we give lip service to making our homes secure, we all know that what we’re doing isn’t enough. Hence the oft-quoted saying, “Locks only keep the honest people honest.” I don’t know about you, but … Read more