Head in the game, lets head to the Fly Shop

There is a lot to understand and to consider when you start fly fishing. In fact it will appear down right intimidating to the beginner. My friend, trust me it is not all that complicated. To truly start to grasp this hobby you need to start simple and slowly. So here are some steps that … Read more

Match the Hatch to make the Catch

As you have seen so far that fly fishing is very involved and has a lot of moving parts to contend with. It is not just a simple act of going out and throwing bait in the water in the hopes of landing a big fish. So now we are going to cover a little … Read more

Tis the Season for Hungry Trout

Our head and our hearts are not right. We also have the right equipment and we know where to go. We load up the truck with water and food for the day and hit the ole dusty trail. You arrive at the river, find a spot to part and you walk to the banks. “Okay … Read more

Why We Fly Fish

A lot of people fish for a lot of reasons. All of us fish because we enjoy the sport and being outdoors. Fly Anglers share a different bond with fish than most anglers. We are not better…we are just different. What makes us different is our level of passion and focus in areas most anglers … Read more

Atmospheric Data Centers: What are they and why should you want one?

The weather is always a major concern for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and thus, it is always a wise idea to check your local weather report before venturing outdoors for a day of recreation. Fortunately, the popularity of so called “smart” cell phones often enables people to keep track of the weather in their … Read more