The Lay of land Navigation

Every great journey beings with a single step. That single step has launched expeditions across the vast Americas centuries ago, it has sent missions down to Antarctica, men have sailed across the vast oceans into the great unknown, and in the modern era, there is talk of a mission to mars. None of these great … Read more

Wild Edibles: Why study and learn them? Not to die of course!

Survival is all mental, it is in our heads and we need to protect our brains so we can survive. Without a doubt, being hungry is the one of the single most mentally crushing factors that we humans can experience. When we are without food, that is all we can think about, all we can … Read more

Think before you pack!

The care and use of load carrying equipment is more important than I think most people understand. You see when you are going into the bush and bringing with you the essentials for survival as well as a few creature comforts, you are in effect bringing your home with you. Everything you need is on … Read more

Geo-Caching Goal Oriented Hiking

Without a doubt, going out into the wild on a hike is a very rewarding and invigorating experience. You are out in the middle of no-where, walking to the beat of your own internal drum. You are taking in lots of good energy and the stress just melts off of you as you become more … Read more