Being Bear Aware

I live in an area with a very dense population of both brown and black bears. Bears are seen as a scary and ferocious beast that will rip us to shreds and eat us in a heartbeat. They are seen that way because they absolutely are all of that and a bag of chips, they … Read more

Answer the Call of the Wild, and Hunt

As the air starts to get cooler and the leaves on the trees change colors to remind us that this is their version of spring, for trees to show flair. Fall is here, and with fall comes a whole host of changes. Brown trout and Steelhead are in spawn, Elk are starting to get into … Read more

Haunted by Rivers: The Making of a Fly Fishing Angler

Fly Fishing Philosophy – Why We Fly Fish A lot of people fish for a lot of reasons. All of us fish because we enjoy the sport and being outdoors. Fly Anglers share a different bond with fish than most anglers. We are not better…we are just different. What makes us different is our level … Read more