Tips for Reading Nautical Charts

If you are going on a boating expedition without a skipper, one of the most vital skills that you will need is navigation. Part of that entails being able to read nautical charts. This is quite a bit different than reading a standard land map. The information included has a different focus and a unique … Read more

How Can You Weatherproof Your Electronics?

While you are out boating, there are a number of important electronics that you need to help you communicate with others, find your way, and stay safe. Thankfully, many of these devices are built specifically for use on the water, and thus are designed with some element of weatherproofing. But not all of your electronic … Read more

The History of Radio – A Brief Walk Through the Waves

With such incredibly advancements in today’s technology, it’s hard to believe a time without radio as a communication tool ever existed. However, that time wasn’t so long ago. As recently as the 19th century, it was thought nearly impossible to create a means of sound and communication that could travel through wireless waves. It was … Read more

Comparing and Contrasting the UHF and VHF Wavelengths

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has classifications for several frequency wavelengths; this article is considered with explaining two frequency ranges that account for a majority of the communications devices we humans use on a daily basis, either in our daily lives or in the work of certain career fields. And to start off this discussion, … Read more