Care Tips for Two-Way Radios

two-way-radio-care-tipsYou’ve just purchased your first set of two-way radios. How long can you expect them to last? It all depends on how well you take care of them. If you maintain and use your radios with care, you can expect them to last five to seven years on average. Accessories often have a shorter lifespan. How can you be sure to get the most life out of your walkie-talkie set? Here are some care tips to follow.

When using your radios:

  • Try not to drop or throw your radios around. They are not invlinerable.
  • Even if you have a waterproof radio, try not to subject it to an excessive amount of moisture. Do not submerse it unless you have to. If your radio is not submersible, keep it as far away from water as you can.
  • Do not hold the radio by the antenna.
  • Try to keep the radio out of extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. When possible, you sholid store your radios at room temperature, which ideally sholid be around 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Do not expose your radio to solvents. This includes cleaning fluids and alcohol (more on cleaning your radios in just a moment).
  • Try to stick with accessories designed specifically for your radio, and turn the radio off any time you need to install a new one. This is most important when it comes to your battery, adapter, and charger. Using incompatible accessories can short out your radios and destroy them.
  • Store your radio in a cool, dry place
  • Do not leave batteries in your radio when you are storing it. Turn it off and remove them. Also do not store batteries in an active charger. Do not charge wet batteries or a wet radio. Do not charge batteries in range of anything flammable. Make sure the battery pack is at room temperature before you charge it.

Cleaning and maintaining your radios:

  • Now and again, take a few minutes to clean your radios and keep them in good condition.
  • Use a microfiber cloth if you have one. If you do not, you can substitute any clean, soft cloth. Get the cloth slightly damp. Just use water—do not using cleaning solutions. Never submerse the radios to clean them. If your radios do happen to get wet, you can use the same type of cloth to dry them off.

That’s all! Taking care of two-way radios is really quite easy, and the maintenance involved is very minimal. A quick cleaning now and again is all you need to keep them in great working condition. The main thing really is to make sure that you are using and storing your radio set appropriately to begin with. So long as you are not misusing your radios and accessories, they should last you around five to seven years. They may even last longer if you have a really well-built set and you take extra good care of them.

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2 thoughts on “Care Tips for Two-Way Radios

  1. This is a fairly straight forward list. it makes me wonder why people would have a problem taking care of their two-way radios. The only thing on your list I wasn’t aware of was that I need to take out the batteries when I store my radio.

  2. I really appreciated your section on care tips for when you are using your radio. Specifically, I like your note about not carrying the radio by the antennae. Sometimes if I’m grabbing my radio out of my car, I’ll grab it by the antennae, and then realize that I shouldn’t have done that. You also mentioned that you should try to stick to accessories designed for your radio specifically. This is a great idea would most likely stop some of the common malfunctions that can happen by using parts that are not compatible. I also think it would be a great idea for companies to realize that people tend to misuse their radios unconsciously and try to make sturdier ones.

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