Cardo Scala Rider PackTalk Motorcycle Headset Review

Do you like to go riding with large groups? Still searching for a way to stay connected with all of your buddies while you are on the road? One motorcycle Bluetooth headset which may be a fit for your needs is the Cardo Scala Rider PACKTALK.

The scala rider PACKTALK is equipped with DMC™ technology. This technology makes it possible for a group of up to 15 riders to stay linked together, chatting, listening to music, and more. With a range of up to 5 miles, it should be easy even for those near the front and back of the group to stay in touch with each other.

This is all very cool on its own, but what makes the PACKTALK system even better is how adaptable it is. It is possible for any rider to join the conversation or exit it without disrupting the communication experience for the rest of the riders. This functionality is the direct result of the proprietary DMC technology. Meanwhile, with Bluetooth enabled, the headsets can be connected to phones, MP3 players, GPS, and other devices.


  • Perfect for large groups. A lot of other motorcycle Bluetooth helmet headsets only allow you to connect up to four riders. It is unusual to find a system that supports as many as 15, or that offers the outstanding 5-mile range you get with the scala rider PACKTALK headset.
  • Seamless, adaptive experience. The DMC intercom allows riders to come or go from the conversation without causing interruptions for everyone else. If you have 15 people all connected together, this is essentially necessary in order for everyone to have a pleasant, enjoyable talk experience.
  • Volume adjusts automatically. If there is more noise in the environment, the scala rider PACKTALK can automatically increase the volume of the intercom or music in order to compensate. You can customize this feature to your liking.
  • Hands-free operation. You can use voice prompts to navigate your way through the options and features on this headset. This means your hands can remain safely on the handlebars.
  • Listen to music, use GPS, talk via intercom, and more. Both bike-to-bike and 4-way conferencing intercom features are available. You can play music and talk simultaneously, and you can also link up a GPS for easy navigation.


  • There may be some issues with VOX. Sometimes the radios turns on or off on its own. This defect does not appear to affect all units.
  • Some ease-of-use issues exist. Pairing up headsets is a little more complicated than you might think, and playing music can be as well. The user manual is not all that great.
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