Best Wireless Security Camera Reviews of 2016

When it comes to keeping an eye on your premises, you can never be too safe. That is why it makes sense to invest in a wireless security camera. Imagine if you could open up a web browser and check up on what is going on at your house while you are at work or traveling out of town. This is a great way to make sure that your property, pets, and children are staying safe. It also ensures that if something does go wrong, you will have video footage to share with the authorities.

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Still not sure what wifi security camera you need? Read on to learn all about wireless security cameras.

What is a Wireless Security Camera?

A wireless security camera is simply a camera you set up in your home or office to record the goings-on in your environment. The camera contains a low-range transmitter that sends a signal to a receiver. The wireless design makes it much easier to conceal the security camera and also eliminates unsightly cables.

Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Wireless Security Camera

Do you really need a security camera?

Not everybody needs a wireless security camera. If your main goal is just to keep an eye on your pet, for example, you would probably be fine just sticking with your webcam. If however home security is a major concern for you, you need a camera designed for that purpose.

What devices will you use to view the security feed?

There are some security cameras which require you to use specific software programs to view footage. With these cameras, you can only access their recordings on computers that have that software installed. If you want to be able to view the security feed on any device, you need to make sure that web access is included as a feature.

What field of view do you need?

A 180-degree field of view will give you the ability to watch an entire room. Pan and tilt will help you to expand that field of view even further if needed. Zoom can also be a useful feature.

Features and Add-Ons to Look For When Shopping for a Wireless Security Camera

Motion sensor

With a motion sensor, your camera will only record footage if motion is detected. This prevents the camera from recording a lot of pointless footage and using up all your storage space. Be sure to do your homework here; not all motion sensors work equally well. Some are also easier to set up than others. Pick something which is reliable and offers you customization options to fit your needs.

Infrared and night vision

In the dark, it can be hard for motion sensors to detect movement through visual data alone. So if you will be setting up a wifi security camera to use at night or in any dark environment, make sure it includes passive infrared (PIR) sensors which detect heat. Some cameras also output infrared light. This light is invisible to our eyes, so an intruder would not notice it, but it functions as effective night vision, providing you with a clear view of what is going on.

Sound detection

This is one yet another useful feature which can activate your camera at the right moments. You can set up sound and motion sensors to send automatic alerts to your email or text your mobile device as well.

Local recording function

What if you want to use your wireless security camera to simply record footage and store it? If your wifi security camera includes a card slot, you can record footage locally and upload it to the card. You can then download the data onto any device and view it.

Storage options

This is a key feature. There may be times when you need to look back over old footage or even share it with the authorities. Both local storage and cloud storage are options; some cameras only allow one function while others allow both. Which one is best? It really depends on your needs and preferences.

That said, there are some cameras which require you to pay a monthly subscription fee if you want to make use of cloud storage. Fees can range, but they are typically between $5-$10 per month. If you can find a high-quality wireless camera which also provides you with cloud storage for free, all the better.

Integration with other security devices

If you already have other security products in your home, you may want to hunt around for a wireless security camera which you can integrate with your existing security setup. Usually this is easiest if you stick with the same brand, but you will find that there are cameras which can talk to third-party devices. Integration can augment the capabilities of all your devices, not to mention make setup much easier and faster.

Two-way audio

In some cases, it may make sense to purchase a wireless security camera which includes some two-way functionality. If for example you are buying the camera in part to keep an eye on pets or children while you are away from home, you may find two-way audio very useful. Your voice may soothe an anxious pet, and if you have something you need to communicate to your child, you will be able to have a conversation.

Now you understand more about how wireless security cameras work and how they can enhance your home security. Many cameras allow you to network a number of units together to cover multiple rooms in your home. Remember that if you are shopping for outdoor wireless cameras, you need to look not only for the features above, but for weatherproofing as well. Ready to shop? Scroll back up to the top of the page to take a closer look at our comparison chart for top wireless security cameras!

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