Best USB Wall Chargers of 2018 – Buying Guide and Reviews

Are you bogged down by numerous chargers for all of your mobile devices? These days a lot of us own not just a smartphone, but maybe a tablet, a fitness monitor, and a number of other devices that consistently require charging. If you are out of outlet space and looking for a way to cut back on the clutter taking over your power strips, you can benefit from a USB wall charger.

Searching for the perfect USB wall charger for your devices? You can compare features and prices for top-selling, highly rated wall chargers in the comparison table below.

Aukey 18WAukey 2.0A / 18WCheck Price on Amazon
iClever 24WiClever 4.8A / 24WCheck Price on Amazon
Anker 24wAnker 4.8A / 24WCheck Price on Amazon
EasyAcc 20WEasyAcc 4A / 20WCheck Price on Amazon
iClever 40WiClever 8A / 40WCheck Price on Amazon
Syncwire 34WSyncwire 6.8A / 34WCheck Price on Amazon
Photive 60WPhotive 12A / 60WCheck Price on Amazon
Anker 60WAnker 12A / 60WCheck Price on Amazon
RAVPower 60WRAVPower 12A / 60WCheck Price on Amazon
Samsung Wireless Charging PadSamsung Wireless Charging PadCheck Price on Amazon

Still not ready to pick out a USB wall charger? Read on to learn more about USB wall charger features as well as questions you should ask while shopping.

What Are USB Wall Chargers?

A USB wall charger is a small, streamlined device you plug into a wall outlet. It is equipped with two or more USB slots you can use to charge USB devices. This removes the need for individual device chargers, freeing up other outlets and consolidating charging setup. As an added benefit, many USB wall chargers can actually charge your devices more quickly than traditional chargers.

Questions to Ask When Shopping for USB Wall Chargers

What types of devices do you need to charge?

You will need to make sure that the charger puts out the right amps and volts for the devices you need to recharge. You will also need to ensure that you are getting a charging device with the right types of USB connectors (Micro, Lightning, etc.).

How many devices do you need to charge?

This is important to think about for a couple of reasons. You not only need to make sure that the charger includes the right number of slots, but also that the total amps will be adequate if you are utilizing all the charging slots simultaneously.

Features to Look For When Shopping for USB Wall Chargers

The right ports/amps/connector types/etc

As just discussed, you need to begin by asking yourself what types of devices you need to charge. Look up the voltage and amp requirements for each, and consider how many you will be charging at once. Check the amps and volts on the charger, do the math, and figure out if the power will be sufficient. Ensure you are getting the right connector types as well and that there are enough slots.

Cable management

Check to see whether the USB wall charger you are thinking of purchasing includes useful cable management features to keep your cords organized. This is particularly important if you will be using the charger near a countertop or desk or other location where you do not want a mess.

Surge protection

Surge protection is always important to look for since it protects your devices while they are plugged in.

Cable length and thickness

Make sure that the cable on the wall charger is long enough to reach where you need it to. Also check its thickness. Thicker cables do a better job charging devices. This is especially important for longer cables.

UL certification

Watch out for cheap USB wall chargers that are not certified by the Underwriters Laboratory. UL-certification indicates that a device is safe and will not pose a fire hazard. It also means that you are purchasing a product which is energy-efficient.

Buying your first USB wall charger can be intimidating, since you need to do all the math to figure out how many volts and amps you need. But it is worth it to conserve space and get your devices charged up faster. Scroll back up to the product comparison table to find the best USB wall charger for your needs!

Anker 24W Dual USB Wall Charger: Works Well, Looks Great

Anker 24W Dual USB Wall ChargerMost wall chargers look boring and practical. However, this one from Anker sports a curvy, stylish design. Because the plug folds down, it’s also very easy to transport it anywhere you need to go.


  • Online bestseller. This device is one of the most popular wall chargers on the market today.
  • Dual USB ports. Like many USB wall chargers, this one comes with 2 ports that allow you to power up 2 devices simultaneously.
  • Faster charging. Anker’s PowerIQ system detects the type of device you plug in and charges it using the appropriate amount of power.
  • LED indicator lights. The LED light blinks on when you’ve established a successful connection.
  • Portable. The plug folds down, making the Anker wall charger easy to carry with you wherever you go.
  • 18 month warranty. As with all Anker products if anything goes wrong 18 months after you buy the Anker USB Wall Charger, Anker will send you a replacement.
  • Round edges. This wall charger looks nicer than most wall chargers because it’s edges are sleek and round.


  • This wall charger looks nice, but it is quite bulky compared to other wall chargers.
  • At .3 ounces, the Anker USB Wall Charger isn’t exactly hefty. But it isn’t light, either.
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iClever BoostCube: an All-Around Solid Wall Charging Station

iClever BoostCubeThere’s more than just one reason why the BoostCube from iClever is one of the bestselling wall charging stations on Amazon. The BoostCube looks cool, it can do speed charging and its prongs fold down when you want to carry it in your purse or bag. Best of all, it’s very reasonably priced.


  • Popular online. Among USB charging stations, BoostCube is one of the most popular products out there right now.
  • Speed charging. This charger allows you to shorten the amount of time you waste waiting for your phone to charge.
  • Reasonable price. The BoostCube is about the same price as a dollar store USB charger, but it performs better and has many more features.
  • Foldable prongs. The BoostCube’s plug collapses with ease, allowing you to take it with you when you travel.
  • Can charge 2 devices at once. Like most modern USB chargers, the BoostCube allows you to charge multiple devices at once.
  • 1 year warranty. If the BoostCube breaks, iClever will replace it for you if you’ve had it for less than a year.
  • Portable. The BoostCube is about the same size as a normal Apple charger


  • There’s no way to turn off the LED light at night. However, a piece of electrical tape will cover the light if it keeps you awake.
  • The BoostCube is rather long, which could be a problem if your outlet is located behind furniture.
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Photive 6-Port USB Charger: Worldwide Compatibility

PhotiveThe Photive is a multi-port USB charger that will make your life much easier when you need to charge your phone abroad. Because it accepts anywhere from 110 to 220 volts of electricity, it’ll work anywhere in the world.


  • Allows simultaneous charging. You can charge up to 6 devices at once with the Photive USB charger.
  • Intelligent plugs. The plugs sense the device you’ve plugged in and feed it just the right amount of juice.
  • You can take it overseas. Unlike many USB chargers, this one is compatible with both US and foreign style wall outlets.
  • As small as a pack of playing cards. Even though it has 6 ports, the Photive USB Charger is not bulky.
  • Rapid charging. Like many modern USB chargers, this one is rapid charge compatible.
  • Reduces clutter. Instead of plugging in yet another a power strip, just use this 6-port USB charger instead.
  • 25 watt / 4 port version available. If you don’t need much juice, you can opt to go with the reduced power version of the Photive.


  • This charger doesn’t feature LED indicator lights that flash when you plug in.
  • If you plug in multiple devices, the Photive gets quite hot.
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Anker 6-Port USB Charger: Super Energy Efficient

Anker 6-PortThe United States Department of Energy awarded this 6-port USB charger from Anker its highest energy efficiency rating. If you want to help save the world while also saving money on your electricity bill, this is the USB charger for you.


  • Smart charging. Like other Anker USB chargers, this 6-port USB device detects whatever you plug in so that it can feed it just the right amount of electricity.
  • Frees up wall sockets. If your room is filled with wires and power strips, get a Anker 6-port USB Charger to cut down the clutter.
  • Comes with a free velcro strip. The strip prevents you from accidently knocking over your USB charger.
  • Long power cord. The Anker 6-port USB charger comes with a 5 foot power cord.
  • 18 month warranty. Most electronics products come with a 1 year warranty, but with Anker you get 6 additional months of coverage.
  • Same size as a passport. Even though it has 6 ports, this device is still quite small and compact.
  • Energy efficient. The US Dept. of Energy awarded the Anker 6-port a DOE 6 rating, which means that it’s extremely energy efficient.


  • The Anker 6-port’s bright blue LED light could be distracting at night.
  • This product is slightly more expensive compared to other multiport chargers.
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