Best USB Car Chargers of 2018 – Buying Guide and Reviews

How many 12v car chargers do you own for the numerous devices you need to bring with you on road trips? How many have you had break on you within just a year, forcing you to go out and buy another? At that rate, how many adapters do you have for your primary adapter, all so you can get all the 12v ports that you need?

There is a simple, easy, and compact solution which can eliminate all this hassle and waste, and that is to purchase a USB car charger.

Interested in getting a USB car charger, but not sure where to start your search for the best product? Below you can view a comparison of the features and prices of top-selling, highly rated USB car chargers.

MaxBoost 24WMaxBoost 4.8A / 24WCheck Price on Amazon
Anker 24WAnker 4.8A / 24WCheck Price on Amazon
Aukey 24WAukey 4.8A / 24WCheck Price on Amazon
Omaker 33WOmaker 6.6A / 33WCheck Price on Amazon
iXCC 36WiXCC 7.2A / 36WCheck Price on Amazon
Anker 36WAnker 4.8A / 36WCheck Price on Amazon
Aukey 48WAukey 9.6A / 48WCheck Price on Amazon
Anker 48WAnker 9.6A / 48WCheck Price on Amazon
Anker 50WAnker 10A / 50WCheck Price on Amazon
iXCC 50WiXCC 10A / 50WCheck Price on Amazon

Still not sure what you need? Read on to learn more about USB car chargers.

What Are USB Car Chargers?

A USB car charger is exactly what you probably imagine it to be. It is a compact device you plug into the 12v car port in your vehicle. It includes two or more USB slots. You can plug multiple USB devices into the charger simultaneously. This eliminates the need for endless 12v adapters. You will enjoy more efficient performance and the charger will generally have a longer lifetime.

Questions to Ask When Shopping for USB Car Chargers

What types of devices do you need to charge, and how many do you need to charge at a time?

Look for a USB car charger which can support the smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras, and other specific devices you need to charge up. Ensure that you will have enough ports to charge as many of your devices simultaneously as possible.

Do you need a cable upgrade?

Many generic micro USB cables will restrict power to 50 mAh. You should be getting around twice that. Upgrade your cables if necessary to get the most out of using your USB car charger.

Features to Look For When Shopping for USB Car Chargers

Multiple ports

Even the most compact USB car chargers should be able to fit in at least two ports—maybe three or four. So never settle for a USB car charger which only offers you a single port; it is quite a waste.

High amps

Your 12v car port puts out a lot of power, so make sure you are buying a USB car charger which in turn offers you plenty of amps. Otherwise you are letting all of that power go to waste.

Compact design

There is no reason for a USB car charger to be bulky or heavy. You should be able to easily find a device which is very small and lightweight and still provides you with the functionality that you need.

Protection from overheating

Look for a safe USB car charger which is designed to resist short-circuits, overcharging and overcurrents. That way you can rest assured that your charger will never short out or overheat, damaging your devices or the circuitry in your vehicle.


Make sure that the car charger is going to be compatible with all the devices you wish to charge on the road. Thankfully the standardization of Micro USB technology is making this easier by the day.

Now you know a lot more about USB car chargers and are familiar with some of the features which are important to shop for. Scroll back up to the comparison chart at the top of this page to view some of the top-rated USB car chargers on the market!

MaxBoost Car Charger: the Most Popular Car Charger Out There Right Now

MaxBoostOnline shoppers love the MaxBoost because it looks stylish, it’s reasonably priced and sports a blue plug light that allows you to easily find the plug in the dark. It’s also smaller and more compact than most other car chargers on the market.


  • Bestselling car phone charger. People who bought the MaxBoost love its reasonable price tag and the fact that it does what it does quite well.
  • Blue backlight. The backlit ports make it easy to plug in your phone at night.
  • Charges 2 devices at once. If whoever is riding shotgun wants to charge their phone, they can.
  • Compact. This charger is only 2.25 inches long, which makes it more compact than most other car chargers.
  • Soft grip sides. Thanks to this car charger’s soft sides, it’s very easy to plug it in and pull it out.
  • Never overheats. The MaxBoost isn’t the most powerful charger out there, but it never gets hot.
  • 1 year warranty. If anything goes wrong within a year, just let MaxBoost customer service know and they’ll help you out.


  • One port outputs 2.4 amps and the other is rated at 2 amps, but the ports are not clearly marked.
  • The manual is confusing and hard to understand. Luckily, this product is fairly easy to install and use.
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Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger: More Power

Anker 24WIf you intend to charge large electronic devices like laptops and tablets with your car charger, the Anker 24W is the car charger for you. Most car chargers are rated at 2.4 amps, but this one puts out 4.8 amps of power.


  • Lots of amperage. Because it puts out 4.8 amps, this device is twice as powerful as most other car chargers.
  • Easy to find in the dark. The Anker 24W Dual USB charger is easy to find in the dark, thanks to its LED “dot” light.
  • Recharges a MacBook in 5 hours. Most car chargers struggle when it comes to charging a laptop, but this one does not.
  • Dual charge capable. You can even 2 laptops at once with this charger.
  • Compact form factor. It’s only 2.5 inches long and 1.1 inches wide.
  • Attractive design. The Anker 24W USB charger looks quite stylish with its black and red color scheme.
  • 18 month warranty. If something goes wrong before your 18 month warranty is up Anker will send you a replacement charger, no questions asked.


  • This charger gets very hot if you use it for a long time at maximum capacity.
  • Unfortunately, the Anker 24W Car Charger does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge.
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Aukey 30W 2-Port USB Car Charger: Enjoy Super Fast Charging With Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0

Aukey 30WIf your phone has Qualcomm Quick Charge technology, get this USB car charger. Qualcomm Quick Charge compatible phones charge 4 times faster than phones that don’t have this technology.


  • Qualcomm Quick Charge compatible. Not all phones support Qualcomm Quick Charge, but soon all of them will.
  • Tight connection. Unlike many car chargers, this one fits snugly inside your cigarette charger.
  • USB ports are clearly marked. The blue and orange colored ports each have different electrical ratings.
  • 2 USB slots. This charger allows you to charge two device simultaneously.
  • Guards against power surges. If something goes wrong with your car battery, your devices won’t get damaged.
  • Adaptive smart charging. The Aukey 30W Car Charger “knows” the electrical needs of whatever you plug into it.
  • 24 month warranty. Most chargers come with a 1 year warranty, but with the Aukey Car Charger you get double the coverage.


  • This car charger isn’t compatible with all cigarette charger types. It doesn’t reach far enough to connect to cigarette chargers with deep holes.
  • You’ll never know for sure if you’ve established a connection because this charger lacks a LED indicator.
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Anker 5-Port USB PowerDrive Car Charger: Inexpensive, Yet Powerful

Anker 5-PortAnker’s 5-port USB car charger is only a few dollars more expensive than the 2-port version of the same product. Plus, it comes with an adhesive strip and a long connection cord so you can station it anywhere.


  • Reasonable price tag. This charger is only slightly more expensive than a standard 2 port charger.
  • Set up anywhere in your car. With this charger you get an adhesive strip allows everyone in your car access to USB power.
  • Intelligent ports. Like almost all modern USB chargers, the Anker 5-port Charger is able to detect whatever you plug into it and power it with the optimal amount of voltage.
  • Charges 5 devices at once. The Anker 5-port USB Charger has no trouble charging up to 5 devices simultaneously.
  • 50 watts of power. No other multiport USB car charger is as powerful as this one.
  • 36 inch connector cord. The cord allows you to set up a charging port wherever you want.
  • 24 month warranty. If something goes wrong before your 2-year warranty is up, just let Anker know and they’ll send you a new device right away.


  • The Anker gets very hot when you plug in lots of electronic devices.
  • There’s no LED power light to let you know that you’ve made a good connection.
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