Best Rechargeable Battery Chargers of 2020

Tired of throwing away disposable batteries all the time? Wish you could stop purchasing new batteries? If you are looking to cut back on expenses and waste and simplify your life, rechargeable batteries are the way to do it. But in order to use rechargeable batteries, you need a way to restore their charge, and for that, you are going to need a charger. AA batteries are the most common type of battery used in most devices, so that typically means purchasing a AA battery charger. Not all chargers are equal though, so this purchase does take some thought.

Looking for the best AA battery charger? Check out the comparison chart below for prices and features on top models.

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Still looking to learn more before you shop? Read on to learn all about AA battery chargers.

What is a AA Battery Charger?

AA battery chargers are precisely what they sound like; they are devices which can be used to restore the charge inside reusable AA batteries.

How Does a AA Battery Charger Work?

Using a AA battery charger could not be simpler. You just plug it into the wall, insert the batteries, and wait a few hours while the charger fills up your batteries with power again. You then take out the batteries and use them in your devices. When they run out of charge, you put them back in the charger.

What types of batteries do you need to recharge?

Not every battery charger is designed to accommodate every kind of battery. You should not for example try to recharge a NiCd battery in a charger built for NiMH batteries. Make sure you buy the right type of charger for the batteries you plan to use.

How many batteries do you need to recharge?

If you go through a lot of batteries on a regular basis, you should purchase a charger which includes a lot of docking stations.

Recommended Features For AA Battery Charger

Automatic shut-off

This is a safety feature which will turn off the charger automatically when it detects that your batteries are fully charged. This is a feature you will find in a “smart” charger.

Trickle charge

Another “smart” charger feature is trickle charge. Basically, if you leave your batteries in the charger after they are done charging, the trickle charge feature will top up the charge periodically so that the batteries will still be at a full charge when you remove them.

Quick charge

Need to run out the door? Quick charge is a feature which will charge up your batteries using a high burst of power. So instead of waiting several hours, you might wait just 15 minutes. The charge will not last as long as a slow charge, but it can be very handy in a hurry.

Detection for overheating

This safety feature will shut off charging if it detects that your batteries are overheating.

LCD display or indicator lights

The best smart chargers include indicator lights or LCD displays which inform you about the charging progress.

If at all possible, you should purchase a “smart charger.” These days, smart AA battery chargers are very affordable. They are the safest and most effective chargers on the market, and will do a great job keeping your devices up and running. Ready to shop? Scroll back up to the top of the page to take a closer look at our comparison chart. There you can check out the features and prices for highly-rated AA battery chargers on!

1. Panasonic BQ-CC17SBA: A Convenient Charger for eneloop Batteries

Need a charger for Panasonic eneloop batteries? The BQ-CC17SBA, also known simply as the CC55, makes it fast and easy to get the job done so you can power your devices without unnecessary interruptions. This device gives you maximum control over the charging process, allowing you to charge batteries together or individually.


  • Charge what you want when you need to. You can place AA and/or AAA eneloop batteries inside the charger, which has four slots available. Charge four AA batteries at once, or four AAA batteries, or a combination of AA and AAA batteries, or even just one battery at a time. It is totally up to you. You can even recharge batteries which already have a partial charge.
  • Quick charging. If you put four batteries in the charger, you can expect them all to be fully charged and ready to go within around three hours. That time is cut in half if you are only putting one or two batteries in to be charged.
  • LEDs tell you when your batteries are charged. There is one LED light for each of the four charger spots.
  • This charger is designed not to overload. If any of the batteries are becoming too hot, the device will deactivate. It will also do this if you put in a battery which cannot be recharged.


  • There appear to be some issues with charging AAA batteries. That said, there are no problems getting AA batteries to charge in the device, and thankfully, this AAA issue does not affect all units manufactured. It is designed to be compatible with both.
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2. La Crosse Technology BC1000: A Versatile Charger for NiCAD and NiMH Batteries

Customers who have a regular need to recharge NiCAD and NiMH batteries will want to check into purchasing the La Crosse Technology BC1000 Alpha charger. This device is designed to charge both AA and AAA NiCAD and NiMH batteries.


  • Flexible design. You can charge your AA and AAA NiCAD and NiMH in combination or on their own. For each of the four slots, you pick which mode is running. Along with charge, you have options to refresh, discharge or test the batteries.
  • The charger should not overheat. There is a smart feature built in to detect if the batteries are becoming too hot. If the unit senses this is occurring, it ceases charging the batteries.
  • See the status of your batteries. The device is equipped with an LCD display. Here, you can see the charge level for each of your batteries individually.
  • Batteries which complete charging will not lose their charge while they are sitting in the device. The charger continues to charge them at a “trickle” rate. This ensures that they retain the maximum charge, but do not overload. That way, even if it takes you some time to take them out of the charger and transfer them to your devices, they will have a full charge.
  • Everything you need is included. Along with the charger itself, your purchase includes a nylon tote bag with multiple storage pockets and sleeves.


  • These units are sometimes plagued by “Null” errors. When this is the case, the charger will not perform.
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3. EBL-999: Lots of Charging Bays

The first thing you’ll notice about the EBL-999 is its jumbo sized LCD charge status display. However, this charger’s best feature is its charging bays. The EBL-999’s bays are super efficient and smart charge ready. Plus, there are a lot of them– 10 in all. Additionally, all the EBL-999’s charging bays accept singles.


  • Extends battery life. The EBL-999’s integrated MCU controller regulates the amount of voltage going into your rechargeables, thus allowing them to last much longer than they would with an ordinary charger.
  • Charges singles. Unlike most battery chargers, this one is capable of charging one battery at a time.
  • Big LCD display. The extra long charging status display screen is more accurate compared to the simple light system found on other chargers.
  • Trickle charge capable. Trickle charge mode prevents overheating and further extends the life of your rechargeable batteries.
  • Lots of charging bays. The EBL-999 can handle 10 batteries at a time.
  • Super compatible. This charger accepts many battery types including double A, triple A and even 9V rechargeable batteries.
  • Handles any capacity. Low quality chargers can only handle regular capacity rechargeables, but this one can handle high capacity ones as well.


  • The extra large LCD display is easy to read if you look at it head on, but you won’t see anything if you view it at an angle.
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4. EBL 808: A Smart Charger for AA and AAA NiCAD and NiMH Batteries

The EBL 808 is a charger designed to hold up to eight AA and/or AAA NiCAD and NiMH batteries. You cannot use it for lithium or alkaline batteries. You do not need to put eight batteries in at a time, but you cannot charge odd numbers of batteries. That means you need to put a minimum of two batteries in to charge. You can also put in four or six or eight, but not one or three or five or seven.


  • Trickle charge. This is a feature which switches the charging mode to “trickle” when the device detects that your batteries are fully charged. That way will remain at a full charge until you come to get them.
  • Smart features protect your batteries. These include overheat detection as well as reverse polarity and short circuit protection. Additionally, the charger is designed to help heat to disperse. This makes it less likely that overheating will occur in the first place.
  • LED indicators inform you of battery status. If the indicator is green, the battery is done charging. If it is red, charging is not complete. Other models do provide more detailed information than this (like the exact level of charge), but it is still a helpful feature.


  • The charging times are not that fast. That being said, they are usually consistent with what is advertised, though often on the long side of the estimate (up to 6 hours—some batteries may actually take longer). Whether this is too slow for you or not depends on your individual needs.
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