Best Business Two-Way Radios of 2016

If you are shopping for two-way radios for a remote worksite, resort, or other location, you need a set of business two-way radios. Why not simply purchase consumer two-way radios? While business two-way radios may seem similar to their consumer counterparts, they feature much higher quality. In terms of durability, battery life, and accessories selection, they cannot be beat. Even though they may be more expensive initially, over the long run they are a better investment. They will stand the test of time and offer you greater functionality than consumer two-way radios.

Not sure where to begin your search for business two-way radios? Check the table below to see prices and features for top-selling models on

Motorola RDU4100Motorola RDU4100
Motorola RMM2050Motorola RMM2050
Motorola CLS1110Motorola CLS1110
Motorola CLS1410Motorola CLS1410
Kenwood TK-3230Kenwood TK-3230
Kenwood TK-3402U16PKenwood TK-3402U16P

If you still are not ready to pick out the best business walkie talkies, read on to learn all about their features as well as important questions you should ask during the buying process.

What is a Business Two-Way Radio?

If you know much about consumer two-way radios, you probably are aware that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has 22 UHF frequencies available for consumer use. Other frequencies have been set aside for business use. A business two-way radio allows you to communicate on these frequencies, which are relatively free of chatter since the general public is prohibited from using them. You can even operate on VHF frequencies for superior transmission indoors and outdoors.

Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Business Two-Way Radio

Do you need a business two-way radio?

Not every business needs business radios, but many do. If you will be using your two-way radios every day, the higher quality and longer battery life may be very useful, as well as the added privacy of being able to use business frequencies.

What accessories do you need?

There are some accessories like rapid chargers and multi-unit chargers which are only available for business two-way radios (not consumer radios). You will also find a wider selection of headsets and earpieces to use. Always check to make sure that the radios you are thinking of buying will support the accessories you need.

Will you be using your radios indoors or outdoors?

If you will be using your radios indoors, UHF or 900Mhz radios are ideal. Their signals do a better job penetrating walls. If you will be using your radios outdoors, VHF radios will give you the best obstruction-free range. If your radios will be used both indoors and outdoors, UHF or 900Mhz are the best choices overall.

Features and Add-Ons to Look For When Shopping for a Business Two-Way Radio

Battery life

Usually with a consumer radio, you are limited to around eight hours of battery time. But with a high-quality two-way business radio, you can get 12 hours of battery life or more. For long work days, this is a must. Purchase some multi-chargers and rapid chargers and you will have radios ready to go around the clock.


With a consumer radio, you are limited to half a watt of power for your transmissions; this is why the range on consumer radios is so low. You can operate at a higher wattage with a business radio. The higher the wattage, the higher the range. Some radios also allow you to temporarily boost your wattage when you need some extra reach. You can then power back down to a minimal wattage to conserve your batteries.

Channels and security codes

If you are operating in an area where a lot of other people are using two-way radios for business, a large selection of business-exclusive frequencies and security codes may be important. Separate frequencies will also help to reduce interference and keep communications clear for different departments within your organization.

Advanced settings control

Many business radios include advanced control over numerous different settings, and even the ability to lock those settings so they do not accidentally change, or transfer them from radio to radio. Some radios will even allow you to select from a list of pre-recorded work functions.

Rugged build

Business two-way radios are usually much more solidly-built than their consumer counterparts. This is essential as they are typically subjected to a lot more wear and tear while employees go about their daily business.

Hands-free features

Employees often have their hands full and cannot constantly be pushing buttons to talk. VOX, headsets, and other hands-free features allow employees to communicate seamlessly while they juggle other tasks.

Now you know the difference between business two-way radios and consumer radios, and why a set of business radios makes such a great purchase for your personnel. Ready to shop? Scroll back up to the top of this page to view our comparison chart for business two-way radios. There you can compare prices and features for top products!

Motorola RDU4100: a “No-Frills” Communication Solution

Motorola RDU4100This two-way radio isn’t fancy, but it gets the job done. If all you need is an inexpensive two-way radio that broadcasts and receives crystal clear audio, get the RDU4100.


  • Rugged construction. This rubberized two-way radio doesn’t chip or bust apart if you accidently drop it.
  • Simple interface. Some two-ways force you to flip through hard-to-navigate menus, but the RDU4100 is very easy to use.
  • Free software. If you don’t want to program the RDU4100 by hand, just get the software and download your settings via USB.
  • Clear communication. Choose from over 89 high fidelity UHF frequencies.
  • Long range. The average two-way radio has a practical range of about 2 or 3 miles, but with this one you can easily communicate from up to 7 miles away.
  • Loud volume. Speak and be heard in even the noisiest environmental conditions.
  • Compatible with other radios. If you have broken an expensive 2-way radio and you need an inexpensive replacement, pick up a RDU4100.


  • The RDU4100 has a nice range and good quality speakers, but it doesn’t have as many features as most other modern two-way radios.
  • It is difficult to use the RDU4100 in the dark because it doesn’t have a backlit display.


Motorola RMU2080D: a Heavy Duty, All-Purpose Two-Way Radio

Motorola RMU2080DThe two-way is yet another all-around solid walkie talkie from Motorola. The RMU2080D is incredibly tough, plus it’s got a nice little display and is very energy efficient.


  • Difficult to break. It’ll take more than just a single accident to put the RMU2080D out of commission.
  • Good battery life. The RMU2080D will keep you talking continuously for about 12 hours before it starts to give out on you.
  • It has a display. Unlike the Motorola RDU4100, the RMU2080D features a small but useful backlit display.
  • Receives weather alerts. Stay ahead of foul weather by listening to NOAA weather broadcasts.
  • Programmable buttons. You can customize any of the 4 programmable buttons on this walkie talkie.
  • Easy-to-use software. If you don’t want to program the RMU2080D manually, just download the free Motorola software and plug it into your computer.
  • Broadcasts come in loud and clear. The RMU2080D features a powerful 1500mW speaker.


  • The earphone that comes with the RMU2080D could use some improvement. Transmissions sound a bit staticy coming through it.
  • The RMU2080D’s buttons are built to last, but they are also a bit stiff.


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