Best Bluetooth Trackers of 2018

“Now where did I put my keys again? Where did the cat run off to? Where on earth did my son leave his phone?”

If you tend towards being absent-minded—or you have family members who do—a Bluetooth tracker is one of the handiest little devices you will ever come across. With a Bluetooth tracker, you can find your lost items, pets, and people instantly without searching around. This restores both time and peace of mind.

Interested in purchasing a Bluetooth tracker, but not sure where to start in your search? Check out the product comparison table below to view features and prices for highly-rated trackers.

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Still don’t know what you need? Read on to learn all about Bluetooth trackers!

What is a Bluetooth Tracker?

Imagine if there were a tiny fob you could attach to a keychain, a suitcase handle, or a pet collar. If you lost that item but still had access to your mobile device, you could send a signal from your mobile to the fob, which would produce a loud ring tone. You could then find the item straight away. And if the ring tone weren’t enough, you could check a handy map on your mobile which would show the last known location of the item.

That is exactly what a Bluetooth tracker is! You just attach the fob to your item, and you can “call” the item and make it ring just like you would a lost phone. And guess what? If you have lost a phone and it is turned off, you can still make it ring just like you would if it were on!

How Does a Bluetooth Tracker Work?

As the name indicates, a Bluetooth tracker works using Bluetooth networking technology—the same short-range wireless technology which is installed on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

What device(s) will you use to control the Bluetooth tracker?

Most Bluetooth trackers are widely compatible with a range of devices, but you should always do your research before you make a purchase. Make sure that the tracker will be able to talk to your devices.

Are you willing to pay ongoing costs?

Does the Bluetooth tracker come with a proprietary battery, or can you use a standardized battery (i.e. a watch battery)? If the battery is proprietary, you will have to purchase your replacements from the manufacturer. They may be more expensive than standard batteries, so in essence you are on a subscription model. You may be just fine with this, but always know what your continuing costs will be before you commit to a purchase.

What will you use the tracker for?

It is always a good idea to think about how you plan to use a Bluetooth tracker before you buy it. Different features are important for different applications. For example, if you will be giving the tracker to a pet or a child, you will want to look for a child- and pet-safe device with an inaccessible battery.

Recommended Features For Bluetooth Tracker

Compact size

Some Bluetooth trackers are significantly smaller than others, and also thinner. The thinnest models aren’t much thicker than a credit card. So you can easily slip them into a pocket or store them anywhere else while keeping their profiles low. Some fobs are designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well, so even if they are visible, they don’t create a disruption.


Always shop for a Bluetooth tracker which is built out of sturdy materials. It is easy for a tracker to get stepped on or even sat on (picture if you attach one to your phone and then drop it under a pillow on your sofa). The more durable your tracker is, the more abuse it will be able to take.


You will find Bluetooth trackers which offer a degree of water-resistance or even waterproofing on the market. These are excellent in case you do something like take your keys swimming with you. You may also find trackers which are sold with waterproof sleeves. That way you can submerge them fully even if they are not 100% waterproof themselves.


You are not going to get a huge range with Bluetooth trackers, but you should look for a device that offers you the maximum and which performs reliably even with walls and other obstructions in the way. A radius of around 100 feet is typical.

Extra features

Some trackers will only ring your device if you need to find it, but others include additional useful features. For example, some trackers will send you an alert if an object goes outside the range of your mobile device or home wi-fi. That way you will know right away if you need to track something down.

Another special feature is crowdsourcing to find lost items. Basically, everyone who is using the devices manufactured by a brand offering this service are all essentially tapped into the same network. So if your item is lost out of range but another customer happens to walk past it, an alert is automatically generated and sent out to you pinpointing the item’s location on a map. You can then go and retrieve it. What is awesome about this is that you are utilizing other people to find your items, but your privacy is protected. They are not consciously helping you out; the network is doing all the work.

You will find other cool features if you hunt around. Some devices for example can function as remote controls to open and close your garage door, etc. Others can play MP3s and so on.

So now you know all about Bluetooth trackers! They really are incredible little gadgets which can make your life a whole lot easier. Ready to shop? Scroll back up to the top of the page to take a closer look at our comparison table. There you can view features and prices for top-selling highly rated Bluetooth trackers.

Tile: an Ultra Popular Online Bestseller

TileTile is cheap, fashionable and effective– which is why this innovative little device is so popular. Just clip it to anything you don’t want to lose and you’ll never have trouble finding it again.


  • Popular on the internet. Tile is currently one of the most successful item finders on Amazon.
  • Reliable. Some item finders lose the signal from time to time, but Tile always performs consistently.
  • Loud speakers. Tile’s alerts are always loud and easy to hear.
  • Useful for finding pets. If you often have trouble finding your pet, you can attach Tile to it’s collar.
  • Great for keys. Tile can also be used a keychain.
  • Good battery life. Tile’s built-in battery lasts for about 1 year.
  • Comes with a free app. The handy Tile app allows you to easily find and label multiple tiles.


  • Tile is slightly bigger than other item finders currently on the market.
  • There’s no way to replace the Tile’s battery once it runs out of juice. You have to throw it away and get a new one.
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MYNT: a Clever Little Multi-Functional Item Finder

MYNTMYNT isn’t just an ultra-thin, stylish looking item finder. It’s also a presentation slide flipper, a stereo remote and a camera trigger. Perhaps best of all, MYNT is also very reasonably priced.


  • Separation alarm. With the separation alarm activated, if you walk too far away MYNT will begin to beep.
  • Clicks through presentation slides. If you pair MYNT with a computer, you can use it to flip through PowerPoints.
  • Snap a picture. You can also use MYNT to prompt a camera to snap a picture.
  • Control a stereo. MYNT enables you to turn the volume up or down or skip a song.
  • Super thin. MYNT is one of the thinnest item finders out there right now.
  • Comes with a spare battery. Some item finders become useless once their battery dies, but you can replace the MYNT’s battery with a new one once it loses its charge.
  • Stylish, modern design. Some item finders look dorky, but the MYNT is super sleek and sexy.


  • The MYNT’s separation alarm is quite good, but it’ll wreak havoc on your phone’s battery.
  • Some people who tried to contact MYNT’s technical support team were unhappy with the poor level of service they experienced.
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XY3: a Long Range Item Finder

XY3Item finders only work if you’re close enough to pick up the signal. But with the XY3, you can locate and hunt down an item from up to 150 feet away. Also, the XY3 app is well-designed, intuitive and speedy.


  • Better range than other item finders. Most item finders stop working after you cross the 100 foot boundary line, but the XY3 has a 150 foot range.
  • Extra loud alerts. The XY3’s small but powerful speakers will lead you right to whatever you’re searching for.
  • Replaceable battery. Just pop the XY3 open and stick in a new battery when it stops working.
  • The app is awesome. Fans of the XY3 app love its intuitive built-in map.
  • Highly accurate. Use this finder’s excellent free app to tell you exactly where you left whatever you attached to your XY3.
  • Other XY users can help you find stuff. If you don’t know where your phone is either, you can use your friend’s instead if they also have an XY device.
  • Excellent value. XY3 is one of the cheapest and best item finders out there right now.


  • The XY3 is quite small, but it’s also thicker than other item finders.
  • The “Keep Near” feature isn’t always dependable. Sometimes the alert doesn’t go off once you walk outside the geofence boundary.
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