Best Bluetooth Earpiece Reviews of 2016

When Bluetooth earpieces were originally introduced to the market, they gained popularity as travel accessories. But now they are widely used both personally and professionally by millions of people who are in need of a hands-free way to communicate with friends, family and colleagues, or listen to music. Whether you are driving, walking, working, or simply looking for a more convenient way to get more out of your smartphone every day, a Bluetooth earpiece is the way to eliminate wires and free up your hands. Evolutions in technology have made these devices more comfortable and intuitive than ever.

In the market for a Bluetooth earpiece of your own, but not sure where to start shopping? Below you can compare prices and features for top Bluetooth earpieces on

Plantronics M165Plantronics M165
plantronics-voyager-legendPlantronics Voyager Legend
Motorola H720Motorola H720
Plantronics Explorer 50Plantronics Explorer 50
Motorola HK250Motorola HK250
BlueFit JAZZ 6BlueFit JAZZ 6
Jabra TalkJabra Talk
Dabs Audio S10Dabs Audio S10
Plantronics M180Plantronics M180
Plantronics Voyager EdgePlantronics Voyager Edge
Plantronics Voyager 5200Plantronics Voyager 5200

Still not sure what you need? Read on to learn all about Bluetooth earpieces.

What is a Bluetooth Earpiece?

A Bluetooth earpiece is precisely what its name indicates. You wear the earpiece in or over your ear, and Bluetooth wireless technology links it to your mobile device. You can then listen to music or have a conversation without relying on your smartphone’s speaker or dealing with the hassle of cables. These days, Bluetooth earpieces have evolved to the point where they can detect actions, listen to verbal commands, and more. This means you can use the earpiece to help you control your mobile device as well, allowing for hands-free operation.

Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Bluetooth Earpiece

What type of earpiece do you need?

Bluetooth earpieces include mono and stereo models. Mono models fit over just one ear, while stereo models provide you with sound in both your left and right ears. The mono models are smaller and lighter in weight than their stereo counterparts, but there are obviously applications where stereo is ideal (listening to music for example).

How will you be using your Bluetooth earpiece?

Will you be listening to music while jogging? Calling family or friends while driving? Simply using your earpiece throughout the day to stay in touch while you are working and going about your routine? Once you answer these questions, you will know which features are most important to shop for.

Which devices will you use your Bluetooth earpiece with?

Makes sure that the earpiece you are considering purchasing is going to be compatible with your devices. Thankfully most Bluetooth earpieces nowadays are compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device.

Features and Add-Ons to Look For When Shopping for a Bluetooth Earpiece

Comfortable fit

Chances are good you will be wearing your Bluetooth earpiece for hours at a time—so make sure that you are getting a device which fits comfortably. Unfortunately there is no way to test this out for yourself, so you will need to check out reviews to find out about other customers’ experiences. It is common now to find much more comfortable earpieces than those which were manufactured in the past. Now many earpieces fit over your ear instead of inside it.

Noise reduction

You will likely be wearing your earpiece in all kinds of noisy environments. While driving or walking down the street, you will be surrounded by conversation and traffic noise. If you are going to be wearing the earpiece at work, you may also have to deal with loud construction noise or other auditory distractions. Get an earpiece which features superior noise cancellation so that you can hear your music or the person you are talking to.

Hands-free operation

Many Bluetooth earpieces feature smart technology for intuitive, hands-free operation. For example, the earpiece may be able to detect when you put it on, and may even be able to activate the moment you flip open your mobile device. It might have a feature to announce the name of an incoming caller, and may allow you to use your voice to accept calls and scan through music tracks.

Battery charge

Another question to ask when you are shopping for a Bluetooth earpiece is how long the batteries last. Check how long the device can operate on standby and how long it can run while you are conversing. Many earpieces can run for more than a week in standby mode before the battery needs to be recharged, and may offer you seven or more hours of continuous talk time.

How much of a charge do you need? That depends on how you will use your device. If you have a lot of long conversations or you will be travelling frequently with your earpiece, a long-lasting charge may be important. But if you only will be using your earpiece for an hour or two each day while you are commuting, this may not be such a key feature.

Audio quality

Since the whole point of purchasing a Bluetooth earpiece is to enjoy conversation and music while you are on the go, you obviously want the highest audio quality you can find. Read customer reviews to find out what the clarity and sound balance is like and whether you can customize the bass and treble to your needs. Don’t forget to check out the quality of the microphones as well so you know what the outgoing sound will be like.


There may be times when you are out and about using your Bluetooth earpiece when it starts to rain. Or perhaps you might find yourself in a dusty environment, like when you are walking past road construction. In either case, a device with some basic weatherproofing is a smart purchase. You do not want the first drop of rain you encounter to short out your earpiece.

Now you know all about shopping for Bluetooth earpieces. You know the most important features to look for based on your needs. If you are ready to get started with your product research, scroll back up to the top of this page to view our comparison chart. There you can compare features and prices for Bluetooth earpieces which have been highly rated on

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