Useful Skills in a Post-Disaster World

Generally speaking, when we talk about survival skills, the first thing we talk about is bushcraft skills, the skills that are necessary to survive in the wilderness. If the conversation expands outwards from there, we will usually move to talking about homesteading skills, as those are useful in a long-term survival situation, where we need … Read more

Emergency Home Repair Items You Should Stockpile

The most common disaster that any of us are likely to be confronted by in our lives is a natural disaster. I don’t care what part of the country you live in, there is some sort of natural disaster you need to be concerned about. Whether that is hurricanes in Florida or earthquakes in California, … Read more

Becoming the “Grey Man”

The greatest skill any fictional spy can have isn’t their martial arts ability, it’s the ability to disappear into a crowd. James Bond couldn’t pass for Japanese and would most likely stand out in the African Jungle. So we don’t see James Bond working in those environments. When he goes to Africa, he goes to … Read more

Why Gardening Needs to be Part of Your Survival Plan

There are many questions one needs to ask when they decide to get serious about preparing and survival. Unfortunately, in many cases, there are no clear answers to those questions. That’s mostly because none of us have any definite knowledge of the disasters we are going to face, all we have are likelihoods. Since we … Read more

The Importance of OPSEC in Your Survival Plans

Nobody knows the exact figure, but preppers account for only one to two percent of our population. Putting that in perspective, if you were to start looking around your neighborhood, trying to find another prepper, you’d have to investigate somewhere between 50 and 100 houses, before finding one other family that believes enough in being … Read more

Building a Survival Retreat on the Cheap

One of the biggest problems with bugging out in the case of an emergency is having a destination to go to. Few of us can afford to buy ourselves a cabin in the woods, as much as we might like to. That leaves us without a secure location that we can use as a survival … Read more