Calculating Risks: Planning for Backcountry Survival

Back Country

Going into the Backcountry has its own set of risks associated with simply being there. There is unpredictable weather, unstable terrain, and wild animals. When you take a step into the backcountry you are stepping literally into the food chain, something a lot of people never experience. So that means you need to be mentally, … Read more

Tangible Rewards: Weight Loss and the Wild

Weight Loss Wild

Everyone that goes out into the wild, goes out for their own reasons. Some of us go out for the adventure, some of us just to get away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. We seek going out into the wild for different reasons, but most of us are out there because … Read more

Tangible Rewards: Mental Health Gains and Wild

I have spoken before about the “tangible” rewards of being in the wild. How the challenges of the wild can make you be a healthier person. I touched on the mental health benefits while really sinking into the weight loss and overall health benefits of being in the wild. Mental health benefits appear to be … Read more

Unplug from Social Media and Plug-Into the wild!

Humans have always been connected with each other. It is deep within our nature to seek out the approval of others and to have them linked to us in some form or fashion. In the modern era that means we spend a lot of time, effort, and energy attempting to connect with friends, family, and … Read more

The Lay of land Navigation

Every great journey beings with a single step. That single step has launched expeditions across the vast Americas centuries ago, it has sent missions down to Antarctica, men have sailed across the vast oceans into the great unknown, and in the modern era, there is talk of a mission to mars. None of these great … Read more